Ahead Of MENA-Wide Launch, “The Ivy” Cast Dazzles Qatar
  • The new TOD Original series can be streamed on the platform from September 21, 2023

Popular Turkish celebritiesBurçin Terzioğlu, Hazal Türesan, and Yiğit Kirazcı, the lead cast of the soon-to-be-launched Turkish series ‘The Ivy’, were spotted in Qatar during a promotional event hosted by TOD at Doha Oasis. Attended by prominent members of Qatar’s business, entertainment, and media industry, the event hosted a private screening of the first episode of the series, building intrigue and interest in the upcoming show.

In TOD Original’s ‘The Ivy’, a murderer shatters the illusion of perfection in Eden Garden Houses, an enclave for the wealthy. The arrival of Arzu (Hazel) unravels hidden secrets, leading to her own tragic demise. Tensions escalate as Ezgi (Burcin) accuses her husband Kerem (Onur Tuna) of the crime, prompting a clash of denials and accusations.

Throughout the series, viewers are drawn into a captivating world of drama where they witness romances unfold, discover truths, get answers that direct them to more questions, and things get more and more tangled, just like an ivy vine.

Directed by Gökçen Usta, with a script written by Savaş Korkmaz, ‘The Ivy’ is a new Turkish TOD Original available in Arabic for MENA viewers. “Turkish content has a special place in the hearts of Arabic audiences, captivating them with its rich storytelling, emotional depth, and cultural resonance. The charismatic performances of Turkish actors, combined with the allure of exotic settings, create a unique viewing experience that resonates deeply across the Arabic world, fostering a strong and enduring connection,” said John Paul Mckerlie, VP of Marketing and Sales at TOD.

“I am very happy to have met with our MENA audience for the series The Ivy, which I enjoyed acting in very much. I would like to thank our fans who extended such a warm welcome to us”, said Terzioğlu.

Kirazcı expressed how the character pushed him to explore new depths as an actor, “I’m grateful for the opportunity to explore a different role than my usual ones and to have been part of such a dedicated and professional team. I believe our collective spirit will shine through in our work, leaving a lasting impression on our viewers,” he said.

Türesan shared how excited she is to take part in this new series. “The story and the hard work of the entire cast and crew have created a beautiful combination and we can’t wait to share it with audiences in the MENA region. With this brand-new story, I hope the audience will enjoy the journey as much as we have.” As the buzz continues to build, viewers can tune in to the premiere of ‘The Ivy’ on TOD, starting September 21, where the platform will be releasing 2 episodes per week.


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