Following the successful launch of SOUL perfume and its positioning in Qatar and internationally, the Amal Ameen Beauty brand surprised guests with a fashionable event at the chic Vogue Cafe in Place Vendome. An original mise-en-scène was presented, featuring a stylish perfume bar and a perfumes trunk show that unveiled the new fragrances, with each model representing one scent and its city of inspiration. Models walked around the tables, spraying the fragrances of SOUL, SPIRIT, and SENSE, representing Mykonos, Marrakesh, and Marbella, respectively. Fragrance enthusiasts and members of the press experienced the allure of a glamorous evening, where they had to guess the ingredients of each perfume as part of a social media activation.


Founded in 2020, Amal Ameen Beauty is a testament to the power of self-expression and boldness: The essence of Sun Memories is to empower confidence through its exclusive fragrances.

Drawing inspiration from the sun-kissed shores of the Mediterranean, Amal Ameen Beauty is proud to announce the launch of its exclusive ‘Sun Memories’ perfume collection. Inspired by the captivating charm of cities around the Mediterranean Sea, this collection pays homage to timeless moments by capturing the essence of summer days in three exquisite fragrances. These perfumes encapsulate the most refined scents, bringing to life the magical moments of summer.

SOUL: A Journey of Liberation

Soul represents liberation, embodying a fresh, limitless sensation of newness and vitality. It transports you to a moment of pure escape and fulfillment, a hidden realm of happiness and pleasure. Inspired by the vibrant hues of Mykonos, Soul is crafted with the finest oils and exquisite natural ingredients. Rainwater drips from the peach onto a small orange Blossom flower, infusing it with life on a bed of woody notes. It conjures magical memories of sun-kissed vacations, with azure skies and gentle breezes. Wearing Soul, you envision the idyllic beauty of these moments. Its identity is bold, open-minded, and sublime, reflecting the essence of freedom and elegance. Soul is a celebration, a fresh sensation, clarity, and tranquility, evoking a peaceful retreat. A serene moment of escape, where overwhelming completeness and happiness abound.

SPIRIT: Boundless Renewal

Drawing inspiration from the captivating contrasts of Marrakech, Spirit embodies boundless renewal and vitality. Evoking memories of vibrant markets and serene riads, Spirit invites wearers to indulge in the warm embrace of the desert sun. Its bold and worldly identity captures the essence of Marrakech’s cultural richness, celebrating the city’s rich tapestry of heritage. With the sweet, warm scents of white amber and the captivating contrasts of smoky white oud, Spirit embarks on an adventure of refinement and pleasure, encapsulating the evolution and contrasts that each person transcends, paying homage to authenticity amidst modernity.

SENSE: Embracing Life’s Beauty

Sense celebrates the essence of life through the beauty of the five senses. Inspired by the vibrant city of Marbella, it embodies the youthful yet cultural allure of this coastal gem. Sense invites you to immerse yourself in the freshness of blooming flowers and the tranquil rhythm of the beach, evoking the exclusive and invigorating atmosphere of Marbella. With each breath, you are transported to the shores of Spain, where the ocean breeze mingles with the powdery scent of youthful exuberance, evoking the gentle warmth and silky soft elegance of being wrapped in the ocean’s embrace.


Vogue Cafe Doha is located in the ultra-luxurious mall Place Vendome in Lusail; a new leading luxury flagship mall in the GCC region. This Parisian-inspired development hosts some of the world’s largest luxury retail flagship stores as well as premium hotels and restaurants.  As the newest addition to the local Doha culinary scene, Vogue Cafe Doha will offer an all-day menu of modern Mediterranean cuisine with Arabic influences and a beautiful selection of homemade patisseries, pastries, and specialty coffees.

Decorated throughout in mineral greens and pale yellows, signature mesh chandeliers, Arabic tiling, and featuring iconic and bold photography from the global archives of Vogue, emphasizing Vogue Arabia, Vogue Cafe Doha is set to offer the chicest dining experience in the city.


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