Best Hotel Management Traits to Learn from Hani Akkari

The General Manager of Alwadi Hotel MGallery

By Leslie Fernandez

2020 Pandemic has hit the world and its economy really worst. And, the hotel and hospitality industry that marks the whole 10% of global GDP has no exception. Lockdowns, travel restrictions, and the sense of fear everywhere have badly affected the hotel businesses.

In such uncertain times, there are few hotels that still made it to the end of 2020 with their remarkable hotel management strategy.

The General Manager of Alwadi Hotel MGallery, Hani Akkari gave some really useful tips in his interview about bringing back the game and achieving your business goals during Pandemic.

Hani Akkari -The Leadership of Alwadi Hotel

Being a part of the Accor Hospitality Group that is the biggest hospitality company in Europe –the hotel has adopted the values of its parent company.

With the powerful management of The Accor Veteran, the hotel has established the brand’s name in no time with the help of outstanding hotel management skills.

How he does it?

The Accor veteran, Hani Akkari believes in leadership that holds strong to the company values and teamwork as well.

With an organized approach, he creates a daily task list to ensure a steady workflow. However, the shifts in priorities can happen unexpectedly. Therefore, balancing out the workload without giving up on anything is his rule to follow.

Here’s how the General Manager has taken the hotel brand to the new high skies with his successful hotel management strategies.

The Success Recipe of the Alwadi Hotel MGallery

Owners make a business –but they surely need the right management to take it to the path of success. Alwadi Hotel MGallery has applied this strategy and it’s working really well.

Standing out from the crowd is the main ingredient of the Alwadi Hotel’s success. Each MGallery hotel has its own unique story that makes it a class apart from the others.

Apart from providing a deluxe experience while staying in the hotel, the brand understands how to entertain the guests with personalized experiences along with relishing surprises.

The marketing Strategy

Located at the heart of Doha, Alwadi is nestled at the Downtown Msheireb that is also the brimming pot of Qatari history, culture, nature, and Arabic romance.

The location itself is highly attractive amidst the guests and tourism enthusiasts who’d love to experience the contemporary architecture, Arabic mansions, and a cluster of history museums.

With its comprehensive approach towards creating a sustainable hospitality experience, the Alwadi Hotel MGallery has aligned its marketing strategy with the country’s tourism plan. The hotel has already maximized its visibility in the international market as well as in local industry within a year.

Giving Value to the Employees

Instead of providing just a hospitality platform –the Alwadi Hotel MGallery has built a community of its guests and clients. The brand is setting new milestones in the hospitality industry by providing its employees and staff with updated training and proactive development.

An employee that feels valued would contribute more to the brand’s success. That is why the company’s leadership works closely with its staff and understands their needs.

The Customer Service Strategy

The Alwadi Hotel MGallery has an expert management that understands the rule of empowerment really well.

According to Hani Akkari, empowering your workforce is the best deal to create an outstanding customer service strategy.

When the staff is provided with high-end training, resources, and opportunities –they’d be more productive, achieve targets, and have higher job satisfaction.

Leveling up the game with the tech-induced productivity

You can’t deny the importance of technology in this era of IT. Surely, tech and automation have many benefits. However, the hospitality industry is more about human interaction with a variety of tasks and skills involved.

Particularly in hotels, it’s all about the way your guest will experience. The authenticity in a service-based industry is everything. Therefore, the brand has selectively applied the tech in improving efficiency to an extent.

Staying in the Business during Pandemic

It’s undeniable that the 2020 Pandemic has hit the hospitality industry really hard. With limited business opportunities and price competitiveness, the management took some pivotal steps to bring the best results to the Hotel and Accor.

The hotel opened takeaway options for its famous cuisine as well as leveled up its hotel management operations according to the Pandemic SOPs. This helped in terms of keeping the guests and staff safe and maintain the connection at the same time.

The General Manager’s Strategy for 2021

The toughest year of 2020 is about to end. Although this year has changed everything about how we see life, it also showed us the value of life itself.

For the New Year, it’s important to live and enjoy the small things more. Along with that, focusing more on achieving your goals is crucial than ever. Nothing should sway you away from your objectives –not even the Pandemic!

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