The warm air of the new season starts to settle in and nature begins to delicately bloom again. The aroma of blossoming flowers and the variety of the colors of the petals convey a sense of purity and freedom that enriches our spirit. The springtime atmosphere sets the scene for the classic elegance of matching sets that, through their simplicity, express the balance between sartorial details, authentically uneven textures and minimalist silhouettes.  

Versatile and sophisticated, matching sets embody the true allure of the season: clean-cut and contemporary silhouettes, stripped down to the essentials to evoke feminine and refined elegance. Slim-fit or long and oversize blazers pair with trousers in a wide range of styles, from classic tight Cigarette versions to the soft volumes of Palazzo pants.

An equal balance of contemporary femininity and soft tailoring infuses the matching sets, where the crispy textures of the materials blend together with a wide array of color nuances, ranging from pastel and degradé hues to more vivid tones. Sparkling Monili and sequin inserts brighten up the naturally uneven surfaces of the fabrics, balancing out the menswear inspired sartorial-cut pieces.  


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