Celebrating Life: Coming together into a New Season

By: Anahi Ortiz-Prieto

Time goes fast in life. The truth is that, for most of us, weeks turn into hours without even us realizing it and, as they go along, busyness takes over and we lose the spark of joy and wonder that once filled every second of our days as children.

In reality, even though humans are hardwired to seek certainty and routine; in fact, these help lower cortisol levels in our bodies, as predictability helps our brains switch out of the Fight/Flight reactive mode; a dose of celebration and fanfare can boost our mood and shift our mindset in no time.

As we check on the news and slowly prepare for a life “back to normal” after the summer, even after missing countless happy moments and occasions through the last year or so, it is our turn to look back into our lives, actively seeking those bits of magic and joy that deserve to be uplifted and distinguished, those moments that, regardless of the size or magnitude, require a bit more of our focus and attention, those chances for Celebration.

Because the reality is that when we invest in celebration we invest in our health, our wellbeing, our optimal ageing process. Celebration, like gratitude, has deep links to our hormonal and immune response, as well as with the oxidation of our cells, our adequate digestion and more.

Here are some of the reasons why it is important that you commit to a bit of rejoicing in your life these days:

  • Celebrating milestones and accomplishment helps with building a healthier sense of Self-Esteem and Self-Worth, especially when aligned with our personal goals and values.
  • When we celebrate others, whether at work or at home, we show them that their efforts and actions are seen and appreciated, which enables a more positive and supportive relationship with them.
  • Through the celebrating process we can reflect and recognize our growth, the ways in which we showed up for challenges and connect with Self-Compassion.
  • Celebration aligns deeply with excellence, thus contributing to a mindset of progress and improvement that will inspire different areas of our lives.
  • Like gratitude and compassion, celebration makes our bodies and minds swap to a parasympathetic state of recovery and healing, which supports our health and wellbeing.

After months of disruption and worldwide struggles, as well as the interruption of life as we knew it, incorporating spots of celebration and festivity into our days and lives can be the exact remedy we need to move towards the future resilient and focused, ready to carry on upwards and onwards.



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