Expert Tips on Planning a Memorable Wedding despite the Corona Virus Chaos

By Leslie Fernandez

Weddings are all about serenity and bringing all your fairytale aspirations to life. It’s a moment that you and your partner should cherish by all means. But what happens when you plan on tying the knot during a pandemic crisis like the Coronavirus chaos?

Many couples are delaying events left and right but with uncertainty on the cards, you don’t actually know when and if the perfect moment exists. Hence for that reason, you need to prepare and plan in full swing so that your wedding day can be just as fabulous.

Below, we’re listing down all the tips and tricks on how to handle the situation. And trust us when we say, it’s a new and exciting kind of different.

5 Easy Ways to Plan your Wedding During Corona Virus Pandemic

Jump on the postpone bandwagon, there’s no reason to cancel

Difficult times call for making changes and that doesn’t always mean cancellations. It’s the time to remain calm and do your level best at carrying your wedding vision forward.

While we agree things might not go as planned, but life is all about unprecedented moments. Hence, call up your wedding team and let them know how you feel. Next, let your guests in on the loop. Above all, do what makes you feel comfortable.

Flexibility is key to your wedding success

Amidst the chaos, you need to stay calm. And that means accommodating a new date with flexibility. Start off with prioritizing all the essentials. From venue and ceremony details to vendors too, be quick and smart on your feet.

Along the way, be mindful of community over contract policies that most vendors have. This allows them to re-book as well as utilize all of their services.

Communication plans with guests is always a good idea

Pandemic weddings make a lot of people anxious and curious too. And as a couple, you probably don’t want to be answering phone calls, texts, and constant emails for the same matter, over and over again.

How about creating a little blurb on your wedding website? This allows you to get a break from tiring and repetitive chats across the board. Also, it gives guests coming in from out of town, the best opportunity to make necessary adjustments.

Think outside the box, it’s going to be worth it

What better time to show off your creativity than this? A lot of couples can’t afford spending more time apart and that means tying the knot a little differently.

How about scaling back upon the little details and going for a versatile approach. You could even opt for a virtual wedding using services like Zoom. On the other hand, some couples are opting for live streaming too.

Other than that, you could even carry out your marriage in front of a few witnesses now. Later on, when the chaos is over, you could then carry out the full blown reception next year.

Safety protocols are the need of the hour

Safety of you, your loved ones, and all the other guests and team members should be your topmost priority. For instance, set up pre-screening options so that guests know how to go about the situation.

Any one that may have a symptom, 96 hours before the event should avoid coming. The same goes for those who embarked upon travelling, 14 days before the event date. Remember, it’s your responsibility to set up the guidelines for a stress free wedding so get those health thinking caps on.

No matter how dim the circumstances may be, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. These testing times don’t last forever and all you need to do is adapt with the circumstances around you while planning your wedding. Above all, don’t forget to smile along the way.

Photography: Anna Suvanova


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