Garrard’s high jewellery bridal suites are inspired by two iconic motifs of the House

Throughout its history, Garrard has created magnificent jewellery suites designed to be worn by a bride on her wedding day. These include a lavish suite commissioned by Albert Edward, Prince of Wales – the son of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert – in 1863 for his marriage to Princess Alexandra of Denmark. Comprised of an exquisite diamond and pearl necklace, earrings and bracelet, the Princess looked resplendent in the jewels as she wed the future King of England.

Garrard continues to honour the tradition of wearing diamonds on your wedding day with bridal suites designed to bring joy to one of the most important days of your life. These include two suites inspired by iconic motifs that are synonymous with the House and which guided the design of each jewel. The hero stone in both is the diamond – that most precious of gems, symbolic of purity and commitment.

The Albemarle high jewellery bridal suite incorporates the Garrard Windsor motif, inspired by the pattern of diamonds decorating the base of Queen Mary’s spectacular Girls of Great Britain and Ireland tiara, designed by Garrard in 1893.

Recreated in graphic clusters of round brilliant cut diamonds, the angular motif is repeated in different sizes and arranged at artful angles upon a necklace, earrings and bracelet to form abstract compositions of stones.

Reminiscent of the handheld fans carried by ladies at the opera masquerades that were the height of fashion when Garrard first opened its doors in London’s theatre district in 1735, the elegant Fanfare design has been transformed by Garrard’s designers into a spectacular high jewellery bridal suite.

The soft, shimmering charm of white mother of pearl lends a serene beauty to each of the three jewels in the suite, with pavé diamonds tracing the outline of each motif and catching the light as they move with the wearer, igniting the magical iridescence of the mother of pearl.

“Garrard’s bridal suites are very carefully considered,” explains Sara Prentice, Creative Director at Garrard. “Among the most meaningful jewels we create, they are designed to enhance a bride’s wedding dress and bring just the right degree of sparkle to their big day.”

“Diamonds and weddings go hand in hand, and these high jewellery suites give brides the opportunity to embrace this tradition whilst expressing their personal style,” continues Prentice.

“The Albemarle suite, for example, would look beautiful alongside a chic, minimalist white dress, while the Fanfare jewels are the perfect accompaniment to a fairy-tale wedding gown.”

The Albemarle high jewellery bridal suite includes a collar necklace featuring 18.04 carats of diamonds; a pair of drop earrings set with 3.82 carats of diamonds; and a bracelet set with 4.28 carats of diamonds, all set in 18 carat white gold.

The Fanfare high jewellery bridal suite includes a double strand necklace featuring 94 pieces of white mother of pearl and 7.49 carats of diamonds; a pair of earrings comprised of 30 pieces of mother of pearl and 1.61 carats of diamonds; and a bracelet featuring 32 pieces of mother of pearl and 1.30 carats of diamonds, all set in 18 carat white gold.


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