In Conversation with Leatzi Gold –An Exclusively Hand-made Jewelry Designer

A leading jewelry designer with a global fan following –Leatzi Gold started their signature jewelry label in 2017 on Instagram. The passion for converting precious elements into eternal masterpieces is the driving force for this exclusive brand. They impeccably filled the gap for the personalized jewelry shopping experience from the comfort of your homes.

LLQ Lifestyle met this amazing entrepreneur Lea for a conversation on her career and brand name.

Some Background Score

We asked about the journey that landed her into the jewelry designing pool. Well, it was her childhood passion.

“I’ve always had a deep passion and appreciation for art and colors since childhood. I’m someone who is in love with fashion and I genuinely enjoy creating new things with my own hands whether it’s paintings, crafts, outfit designs.” Leatzi told us.

“I get ecstatic whenever I transform something lifeless into a marvel.

After completing my high school here in Qatar I went straight to college back in my hometown in Lebanon where I graduated from the Notre Dame University of Louaize with a bachelor of arts in graphic design.”

“Seeking a fresh start, I headed back to Qatar to reunite with my family by the end of summer 2013. At first, I faced several challenges to find a job here but as time elapsed GOD rewarded me with a fulfilling job in a beautiful environment and with an amazing culture of people.”

Life was good, however, I kept yearning to find my own getaway after work. So I decided to pursue my Zumba certification and started teaching it as a freelancer. Unfortunately, that didn’t last long enough as I suffered from a chronic knee injury that forced me to stay home in recovery mode for a long period.

My injury gave me time to reflect on my ambitions in life and I refused to give up on my injuries so I decided to invest in something that is less intensive physically but more rewarding spiritually.”

Inspired by my dad who was a Showroom and Boutique Manager for luxury jewelry brands, also determined to add value to society, I decided to create my own brand on Instagram from scratch (with no inherited income whatsoever).

In May 2017, I started offering people customized jewelry solutions in gold, diamonds, zircons, and all kinds of precious stones, etc.

This is how my journey as a jewelry designer began and I am grateful to GOD for my brand’s growth. Above all, the biggest thanks go to my true friends and family who encouraged me, believed in me, and ordered my brand from the beginning.

The Secret of Being Unique

Leatzi Gold has some outstandingly unique designs to offer. We asked Leatzi about her designing style and preferences. Here’s what she has to say about it.

“My main focus is on creating customized pieces that capture personalized moments of my clients for different occasions.”

“I do deep research on the requirements of my customers and creatively align it with a design vision.” She added.

Whenever I get the opportunity, I always aim to create signature pieces to show people that they can go out of the box and not be limited with what is displayed on the page.”

It’s not just the quality that makes my collection unique. But also the way I deal with them and the trust that is exchanged between us from the very start.  

Along with creating every piece with my personal love and care, I also love to socialize and make connections.

I even love to deliver my products by myself. This is because I enjoy keeping this warm feeling and personal connection with my customers. Also, it’s a delightful vision for me to see the live reaction of each person when they unwrap the piece.

The Inspiration of making Statement Pieces

We asked Leatzi what drawn her inspiration to create such unique jewelry pieces. Here’s what she believes.

“There is no rule of thumb on where designers draw their inspirations from and this is one of the beautiful mysteries of human nature.”

When creating a piece for my customers, I draw my inspiration from the story or occasion itself which explains the reason behind my slogan “your jewelry your story”.

“I typically follow the latest trends in the world of jewelry and accessories to stay up to date with everything around me and to ensure my customers are getting the newest ideas.”

That Special Favorite Piece

“I don’t really have a favorite piece. I invest all my energy into making every piece so they are all special and satisfying at the end.

In fact, when I look back at my creations, I remember 2 pieces that were technically challenging for me to produce.

The first one was for a customer who wanted to gift her mother a locket in loving memory of her late husband. The challenge lied in finding the right opening mechanism that fits perfectly with the beauty of the design intent without making the piece overly bulky.

When the piece was finally polished & packed, I recall she personally came over to pick it up and it was one of the most emotionally rewarding experiences I ever worked on. Not to mention that she completely fell in love with the end result!”

“The second one was my latest creation which I consider to be my first out-of-the-box piece called “The Elements”. It was a combination of natural Diamonds and raw Gemstones: Citrine, Gold Sandstone, Tourmaline, Red Agate, and Amazonite.

Citrine carries the power of the sun which is light, warmth, comfort, energy, and fuels life.

The Gold Sandstone is called the stone of ambition and is known to reduce tension and encourages a positive attitude.

Tourmaline has been said to be a stone of reconciliation, that strengthens compassion and cools tempered moods. It also radiates energy that attracts money, healing, friendship, and is used to stabilize and reaffirm our Earth roots.

The Red Agate stone is used to visualize our goals in life. It can bring positive energy and clears out the negative ones.

The Amazonite stone is associated with money, luck, and overall success.

And last but not least, diamonds, which comes from the ancient Greek word “Adamas” which means unbreakable, or invincible.

All these are the elements that we need to survive our inspiring journey on earth, right?

But above all those natural elements that we need to survive comes one that I always use to bind my creations and that innate element is called LOVE.”

Exclusive Design Style

Leatzi described her designing style to be, ‘Simple with a fresh twist.” This exactly one can clearly observe in her jewelry collections.

We also asked about her design variations and signature styles. To which she replied.

“As I mentioned earlier, we use all kinds of stones and we also have engraving services. So the majority of my pieces vary based on client’s taste and preference.”

“I recently started with all the chain orders as I always like to keep an extra piece of chain with a dangling tip as my signature. You can always discover what the shape is when you order your next piece.”

Leatzi Gold gave her special message to us. “Keep Walking and Keep Believing in what you do no matter what.”

Check out her Instagram page Leatzi Gold to discover her unique collection.




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