Quarantine Realizations

By Christina Kiwan Director of Sales Millennium Plaza Doha

Unexpected routine came out without consent and changed all our lives. 

Suddenly this pandemic appeared and fear starts to creep in.

Fear of uncertainty, the vagueness of what will happen next, a threat to our lives, and our world or worse death.

Our life stopped and we were unable to move forward. 

In the beginning, I felt that it was the end of the line, and we will not get over it.

However, now that fear is ever-present, I have realized that we were missing many things and we had no time to enjoy life as it is.

Therefore, I chose to vent it by working out, preparing healthy meals, spending quality time with my son,

connecting with long lost friends, expressing how much I value my family and loved ones.

I turned it into a positive vision, and start becoming optimistic.

The virus has taught me that we are interconnected, that my actions do not only affect myself, but it also affects the people around me.

In addition, not just the people but also the ecosystem. So more and more I learned that we are all in this TOGETHER.

I realized that everyone is playing a role. And this is a perfect time to take action, to step up and do things collectively. Whether thru inspiring, encouraging, being of service, or helping.

So I am doing my part in my own little way, like sending positive vibes, being extra nice, and showing extra grace.

Everybody has something to share to make the situation lighter whether you are staying at home or staying at the hospital.

I cannot change the past but I can do something for the future through focusing on the present. There is a saying that “As the night grew darker and darker, the dawn is getting closer and closer”. I claim and believe we are close to overcoming this pandemic.

Lastly, Covid-19 along with precautionary distancing taught me to value every person in my life, to appreciate every hug and support,

take every chance to see my beloved ones, or to take actions with my plans. 

You will never know. Life is unpredictable and can change in just one snap of a finger. 

Stay safe 

Christina Kiwan

Director of Sales

Millennium Plaza Doha


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