Rasasi Perfumes shares a list of the latest perfume trends within the industry

Dive into the Hottest New Perfume Trends for 2021

With the change in season and the new year, it’s officially time to upgrade your signature scent and fragrance wardrobe. Like every industry, the perfume industry is also one that goes through waves of what’s hot and what’s not, for example, a scent that was beloved back in 2011 is much different from what has been popular in 2020. With a skilled team of in-house perfume developers and experts, Rasasi puts forward a list of some of the new, exciting and prominent perfume trends for the year of 2021.

Rasasi Perfumes, one of the most prestigious fragrance houses within the region, has remained committed to its raison d’être of quality, creating some of the finest perfumes that epitomize sophistication, and moreover, a fine mastery over the art of blending fragrances. The Rasasi experts predict a higher demand for luxurious fragrances with complex combinations that are outstanding rather than overwhelming. In 2021, there will be a major focus on cleaner, richer and fruitier notes and a want for new formulas, aromas and improved packaging.

Here are key trends to be on the look-out for in 2021:

Earthy –

The scent of earthy notes has always been beloved by both men and women, but as of late and especially in 2021, it is projected to be one of the go-to scents for both. The addition of these notes lends a sense of freshness and brightness to a fragrance without being overly powerful and also helps users escape to the outdoors. After being indoors for an extended period of time in the past year, the love and appreciation for nature and the outdoors has given way to this being one of the most sought after scents this new year.

Rasasi has a variety of fragrances such as Qasamat Rasana, Musk Hareer, and Junoon Velvet Pour Femme, to name a few, that make use of earthy notes such as amber, musk, patchouli, agarwood and sandalwood among others.

Leather –

Wild yet refined, powerful yet delicate, the essence of leather in perfumes has been linked for a very long time. Over the last few decades, this powerful note has been on the decline as more men and women were on the hunt for fresher notes within their fragrances. In more recent years however, with the rise of niche perfumery, the scent of leather is making a big comeback as it is said to be distinctive and powerful lending a sense of confidence to those who use fragrances that contain it.

In the past, fragrances with this scent were primarily and exclusively used by men, however, this much-loved scent profile has finally crossed over, transferring out of the solely masculine world and into newer territory. Identifying this trend as one coming back to life, Rasasi has created a number of perfumes containing the essence of leather such as the LaYuqawam Male series which includes the LaYuqawam Pour Homme, Tobacco Blaze and Ambergris Shower and the Junoon Leather Pour Homme and Pour Femme.

Juicy & Fruity –

Bringing back fond memories with a bit of sparkle, the scent of fruits has always been loved within fragrances and 2021 is no different. With fragrances having the ability to transport users back in time; back to one’s childhood enjoying fresh fruits with the family, and also to a new destination such as a tropical destination giving them the feel of a perfect summer get-away, the combination of floral and fruity notes is a match made in heaven. While fruits lend an extra bit of nuanced texture to the fragrance their effect ranges from the refreshing to the succulent, all the way to the musty and mysterious.

This never-dying trend compliments a number of notes including blackcurrant, pear, peach, guava, mango, passion fruit and coconut. Rasasi has numerous fragrances that highlight a variety of these, such as Sotoor Seen, Attar Al Boruzz – Jazeebiyat and Lamaat Musk Tabriz and La Yuqawam Jasmine Wisp.

Tobacco –

Tobacco has become one of the latest scent profiles for perfume houses to experiment with. Adding sweet, sensuous, smoky and mysterious nuances to a fragrance, the use of this ingredient is suspected to increase in popularity of use. The addition of the tobacco note to a fragrance works well alongside rich floral notes and oriental spices, giving the fragrance a hint of caramel or whiskey.

One of Rasasi’s best sellers, the Junoon Leather Pour Femme contains a base note of tobacco.

 Gender Neutral –

Historically, fragrances have always been categorized by gender with floral, fruity scents targeted towards women and woody, leathery scents for men. However, over the last few years, with equality being at the top of the agenda, a move towards the creation of gender neutral and unisex fragrances has become more of a priority. Even-though unisex perfumes have been around for years, the trend is gaining a greater momentum now. Now more than ever, more and more brands are putting a greater focus on creating perfumes for individual tastes rather than focusing on assigning scents as either female or male.

Rasasi Perfumes has a number of gender-neutral unisex fragrance collections such as the Sotoor Collection, the Musk Collection and the Qasamat collection that focus on a variety of neutral notes such as vanilla, musk, amber, leather, sandalwood, agarwood, cardamon, nutmeg and more.

Transparency –

As a major focus for 2021 is on clean ingredients, many are looking for more transparency from both fragrance and beauty brands on ‘how’ and ‘where’ they source the ingredients being used. Some of the signature ingredients used within Rasasi’s perfumes include Oudh, sandalwood, and rose with all three primarily being sourced directly from various parts of India.


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