Whimsical and bold with a luxurious, feminine appeal is a fitting description for the Middle Eastern jewelry brand, Sahar BMD based in Vancouver, Canada. Although classified as “costume jewelry”, the stunning and unique earring designs created by businesswoman Sahar Barati truly give the appearance that they are in a class of their own. These pieces are indeed magnificent, but can be worn often if one is daring enough to make a showstopper entrance daily!  

Sahar, a successful businesswoman, was born in the Middle East and remembers as a child being surrounded by the lush and colourful environment of Middle Eastern culture and fashion.

She professes to have always been an individual when it comes to fashion. From an early age she refused to follow fashion trends. Sahar describes herself as an “old soul” and admits she is more apt to choose vintage clothing or antique designs which she then alters for an even more original look. Her love of adornment and distinctive fashion has never left her, and when the opportunity came to create her own jewelry Sahar leaped at the chance, and derived her inspiration from the colours of her past.  Drawing upon the vibrancy of her experience in India and Persia as well as her travels to Morocco, Turkey, Qatar and Lebanon, Sahar sources dazzling and high-quality materials from the most exotic places to create her extraordinary jewelry.

The designer admits to falling in love with jewelry as a very young girl.  The joy of being able to create art in this beautiful and whimsical style brings deep contentment to this busy woman and mother.  Alice in Wonderland remains a strong influence for the designer.   Sahar lights up when she mentions this fairytale theme. Some of her more vibrant pieces are reminiscent of Disney characters. Her jewelry could very well be described as a “unique blend of fanciful adventure and dreamlike surrealism”. Drawn also to the beauty of nature and her attraction to the spirit of the earth, many of Sahar’s pieces reflect this passion via bejeweled fish, ladybugs, birds, flowers, and images of love.

The elegant grace and glamour of Sahar BMD jewelry is bewitching. The earrings are delicately crafted using precious metals and glittering cubic zirconia with an extremely limited production to ensure every item is almost one of a kind.

Sahar believes that colour brings happiness. We all need respite from today’s world of darkness and fear even if only for moment. The dazzling lightness of these gorgeous earrings will surely transport you to an exotic land where you can embrace the beauty of life even during these trying times.


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