The Ghibli Hybrid arrives, the first electrified Maserati
  • Ghibli Hybrid is the first electrified Maserati in history, the link between past and future.
  • The Maserati approach to hybrid propulsion focuses on both performance and fuel saving.
  • The Ghibli Hybrid has a top speed of 255 km/hour and springs from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.7 s.
  • The 4 cylinder engine is combined with BSG, eBooster and a 48 volt battery and generates 330 hp.
  • The introduction of the hybrid powerplant improves weight distribution and handling is even better.
  • The unique Maserati roar is unchanged.
  • System and function management via Virtual Assistant.
  • The Ghibli is constantly connected, thanks to the new Maserati Connect* program.
  • New generation MIA (Maserati Intelligent Assistant) multimedia system based on Android Automotive contributes digital contents and an innovative User Experience.
  • Special colouring with blue details to underline the introduction of an even more efficient engine.

The Ghibli Hybrid is a Maserati destined to make an indelible mark on the Brand’s history: it is the first electrified car from the Brand. The link between a past of internal combustion engines and an electric future. The spark that ignites the journey into the future of a brand dedicated to innovation throughout its history. The underlying aim of the Hybrid version of the Ghibli is to enhance performance while saving fuel. It represents the Maserati approach to hybrid propulsion, an approach in keeping with the constructor’s DNA. Ghibli Hybrid takes Maserati into the future without betraying the past. In a way, it even further highlights the keynote features of every Maserati: exceptional performance and luxury. The first hybrid engine in the history of the marque, where innovation and technology have always met with high performance automotive engineering, to drive Maserati forward towards a more sustainable future. Faster than diesel, greener than gasoline: the Ghibli Hybrid philosophy in a nutshell.

Beneath elegant looks that convey an impression of contemporary elegance, specially styled for this version with an exclusive colour scheme, a stunningly brilliant, glittering “Grigio Evoluzione” (for China, the launch version is Rosso Magma), lies this Ghibli version’s innovative high-tech secret: the hybrid powerplant that generates 330 hp, propels the car to 100 km/hour in 5.7 seconds and delivers a top speed of 255 km/h. A Maserati built entirely in Italy, at the Turin Production Hub.

Developed by a team of approximately one hundred people, Ghibli Hybrid is built around a modified version of the chassis and bodywork of the Ghibli V6, which in the Hybrid version combines a 4 cylinder, 2 litre engine with a 48 volt Hybrid system that also enables energy to be recovered when slowing and braking. Staying true to its DNA, Maserati has chosen a hybrid solution that aims, above all, to improve performance, while also saving fuel. The outcome achieved is almost perfect: even greater performance, with less fuel use. The same engine brilliance and performance level of every Maserati model are retained but consumption is reduced, making the Hybrid version of Ghibli even more efficient than those equipped with the gasoline or Diesel V6 engines. In practice, Ghibli Hybrid combines the best features of the two previous powerplants, offering the driver a car that is fun to drive, with the genuine Maserati sound. It squares the circle by delivering the smooth response of a 6 cylinder engine with the low-rpm torque of a diesel.  The hybrid system delivers the same pickup as the diesel version together with the power and acceleration of the 350 hp V6 gasoline engine, all combined with an impressive reduction in CO2 emissions, cut by 25% compared to gasoline and virtually the same as the diesel according to WLTP data.

The Maserati 48 volt hybrid system has four parts: BSG, battery, eBooster and a DC/DC converter. The BSG (Belt Starter Generator) does the job of an alternator, recovers energy during braking/deceleration and charges the battery in the boot, which in turn powers the engine’s eBooster. The reason for installing an eBooster on the car is to back up the conventional turbocharger, working in tandem with it, to sustain the engine’s power output at low rpm. The hybrid system’s operating strategy ensures that the eBooster is always available, via battery or BSG, whenever it is needed.

The BSG and eBooster combination is unique in the hybrid sedan segment and provides an extra boost when the engine reaches peak rpm in sport mode, at which point the performance benefits can be fully enjoyed, while in normal mode it balances fuel use and performance.

In the Ghibli Hybrid, everything is focused on better performance. The hybrid car weighs less than the 6 cylinder engine equivalent, and has even better weight distribution, since the engine is front-mounted and the battery is placed in the rear. All designed to make the Ghibli Hybrid even more agile and fun to drive.

The internal mechanical components of the two litre 4 cylinder engine derived from FCA have been completely restyled by the Maserati Innovation Lab in Modena, to achieve greater torque and enable the turbocharger and e-booster to deliver even more power. The engine’s electronic control system is also completely different, with a switch to a Bosch new-generation ECU. In practice, all that remains of the original engine are the dimensions and part of the cylinder head: it has been transformed into a true Maserati engine. The engine is built at Termoli.

The hybrid powerplant provides a CO2 emission level below that of the V6 Diesel and a fuel saving of 20% over the 350 hp V6 version, with undiminished performance. It is a very attractive alternative to the Diesel version on the European market, and gives access to a lower tax band in China.


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