The Return to the Office Dilemma

The average worker is under the impression that workplace norms have reshaped into flexibility and employees have the power to choose to work from an environment most productive to them.

Are Businesses Risking Losing Talent?

Undoubtedly, the return to working in an office is happening – slowly but surely. However, the companies which are selecting the avenue of ‘office only’, versus hybrid are risking missing out on what the future of office could look like.

What is Flexible Office Space?

Flexible office space are workspace solutions that let businesses rent space on a short-term or month-by-month basis. The premise of flexible office space has become very ideal, especially for smaller businesses trying to gain credibility.

What is a Serviced Office?

A serviced office is a type of office space that comes fully furnished, equipped, & managed by a third-party provider. These offices are typically designed to cater to businesses of various sizes that are looking for flexible and convenient workspace solution.

SERVCORP is the world’s finest workspace provider that offers complete business solutions that will give your business a real edge. Success is never assured but with I.T. solutions that work, a team to delegate to, the percentage is in your favor.

A Serviced Office, Virtual Office or Coworking space at SERVCORP gives you flexibility to do business wherever you are. Dedicated receptionists will answer your calls in your company name as you would like. You don’t need to hire a receptionist as you have your own from the day you move in as well as 24/7 I.T. support.
Doing business never felt that easy, quick & cost-effective!

With Servcorp your company can legally register its Business Address at one of the most prestigious buildings in DOHA, QATAR – TORNADO TOWER, DOHA TOWER, COMMERCIAL BANK PLAZA. This will improve the impression of your company and makes it stand out in a crowd of competitors.
With access to +150 prestigious locations around the world, a highly trained team to support your business, industry-leading technology, and flexible terms, Servcorp provides your business with a level of support you can’t get anywhere else.


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