Abaya Couture – Chic Apparel Revolutionizing the World of Haute Fashion

By Leslie Fernandez

Gone are the days when people looked at the classic abaya as a garment solely designed for the Arab world? Today, the trend of Abaya couture has spread thousands of miles around the globe, leaving a lasting impression on so many people’s minds.

Whether it’s an array of talent bursting from Qatar to leading western fashion labels like Dolce and Gabbana- it’s an haute fashion statement that’s here to stay.

Abaya couture is spreading its wings in all shapes, sizes and forms. From black and beige to neutrals too, let’s not forget the stellar range of satin, charmeuse, and georgette- there’s no end to the list of creative blends.

Therefore, the classic abaya is not so traditional. It has adopted new prints, shades, as well as shapes that acquire to the taste of every modern-day woman.

Abaya Couture –The Trending Modest Fashion Ruling across the Globe

Moving away from age old classics

While staying true to the ultimate essence of the apparel, abaya have transformed into regional trends that are embellished using lavish embroideries, lightweight fabrics, and layered brilliance.

Haute couture designers are focusing upon minimalistic details that bring out chic greatness in more ways than one. Therefore, you’ll find the abaya trend effortlessly versatile yet absolutely functional for daily wear.

It is these two qualities that have managed to capture buyer’s attention alongside affordable pricing strategies.

The entry of high-end labels

In such a short span of time, the world has witnessed the classic cape revolutionize itself into splendid glamour. Furthermore, a lot of credit goes to designer labels who venture their hard work and efforts into designing a collection that customers can relish for years.

This includes notable names such as Nina Ricca as well as Alberta Ferretti. These labels have moved towards the realm of bespoke and modest Muslim wear. With time, they have transformed the staple into a seasonal offering with their signature touch.

On the other hand, Arab designers continue to bring out their best with abaya couture by working magic with Middle Eastern silhouettes.

Abaya couture- a fast growing segment of the fashion world

Keeping in mind the competitive industry of today, abaya couture continues to carve out its own unique niche in the modest designers around the globe. And that means we can expect to see bigger and brighter haute couture trends revolving around a simple staple.

Modest wear collections feature abayas with floral, lace, and statement making sleeves. Complete with matching headscarves too, each collection screams fabulous aesthetics and functional dynamics.

At the same time, designers are working hard with energetic campaigns that showcase as an elite and haute fashion statement for days. Alongside brilliant marketing skills, abayas manage to capture the attention of buyers from all over.

Whether it’s a clean and sophisticated look that you’re in search of or a unique sporty twist to your pret outfit, abayas are slowly but surely transforming into an essential fashion staple.

Abayas have gone from classic and chic to high end fashionable brilliance in no time. Thanks to luxury departmental stores and sublime local and international fashion labels, this trend continues to rank high in terms of iconic staples, in places beyond the Arab world.

Photography: Smile For Profile

Abaya Brand: Al Bacarrat Fashion


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