Soul of an empress, expression of mystery with a feeling of confidence and a sense of luxury

Al Jaziri couture is a Qatari brand delivered with high standards of handmade details carefully thought and assembled to express the strength and grace that each of our ladies carries.

Conceived in 2022, the Al Jaziri couture brand chose the region’s heritage and the woman-empress to form the portrait of guidelines for the house’s vision and inspirations. We channel the power of our ancestors to visualize our present, we build from the history of our women to give birth to our modern queens.

“Each woman is a queen in each Al Jaziri couture design.”

 With hand-sewn embroidery and delicate details at the core of each piece, Al Jaziri couture offers unique statement pieces exhaling the female forms crafted with artisanal techniques in the heart of Qatar.

Al Jaziri couture uses fancy materials, royal inspired details with a wise choice of colors to meet the value of each woman who wears one of our designs and to communicate the rich heritage of our nation. “She who wears it, is definitely the divine expression of beauty, mystery, grace and strength.”

The brand is founded by the entrepreneur Amira Al Jaziri who carried this passion through many years of working and learning in the industry of fashion; the passion of expressing her own values through fashion and of delivering a meaningful product, a product with a soul and a story to tell.

Bringing Al Jaziri couture to life is the beautiful celebration of years of learning and refining her taste and vision for fashion; it is the achievement of her dream of uniting passion and fashion. Soul of an empress, expression of mystery with a feeling of confidence and a sense of luxury.


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