MEET SAMER BEJJANI-Founder & Owner of The Indoorster

The Only Certified Spinning® Studio in Qatar

Tell us more about your Fitness Journey

I’ve been rockin’ the fitness scene for over 15 years now. I’m a Certified Spinning® Instructor, Fitness Trainer, Black Belt Judo Certified, Diver & Lifeguard.

What inspired you to launch a Spinning® Studio in Doha?

Fitness has always been my jam, and I’m all about helping others reach their fitness goals. I was totally hooked by the intensity and the vibe of the Indoor Cycling workout when I tried a class for my routine Cardiovascular exercise! I started participating in international Spinning Marathons, visited international Spinning® studios and was committed to reflect the same in Qatar, the country who has gained through the years a privileged position on the map of sports in the world.

How did you start?

It all started during COVID-19 pandemic. We invited people to retain their healthy lifestyle so they shake the stress away and stay active, but also to stay safe and indoor! We started delivering our Indoor Bikes to their doorsteps and included them into challenges and competitions through online classes. This is where our name “The Indoorster” came from. Then, the spin got faster, and now we have our Spinning® Studio and Fitness Gym Center at the Tornado Tower at the West Bay.

What sets The Indoorster apart from other Indoor Cycling Studios in Qatar?

The Indoorster is the only certified Spinning® studio in Doha. We also have a unique system connected to every bike through high tech sensors, that can track riders’ performance, always based on their actual body metrics, and it displays real-time data on our screens such as RPM, Heart Rate, burnt Calories, Speed and Power.

I would also like to add the energy and enthusiasm that our coaches bring to every class encouraging riders to push themselves to their limits. In addition, lights and Sound systems are professionally used in a way to create a more immersive and dynamic environment. Our clients also admire the amazing views from the 27th floor. All these factors make the ride at the Indoorster a remarkable experience.

What is your approach to leading Spinning® classes?

It is to always create a fun and challenging environment that encourage riders to push themselves to their limits while also emphasizing proper form and technique. I like to mix up the music with exercises to keep the workout exciting for my riders. Above all, safety is my top priority, and I make sure to provide modifications for riders of all levels.

What are the benefits of Spinning®?

Spinning® or Indoor Cycling benefits are countless, the workout is a low-impact cardiovascular training that is great for burning calories and improving cardiovascular health. It builds endurance and strengthens core muscles, reduces stress, and most outstandingly, it promotes a healthy heart.

What advice do you have for beginners?

Go at your own pace and the only one you should compare yourself to, is you! Never compare yourself to others during the ride. Listen to your body and take breaks if needed. Also, don’t hesitate to ask your instructor for help with proper form and technique. And most importantly, have fun!

Can you share with us your favorite Spinning® exercise?

My favorite is hill climbs. I love the challenge of climbing a steep hill and the feeling of accomplishment when we reach the top. It’s a great way to build endurance and strength.

What Keeps you motivated?

My clients and only my clients! Their commitment, their feedback, their healthy transformation and their loyalty to the brand are my biggest trigger to keep the wheel spinning and to remain on top of the Indoor Cycling game.

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