Amazing People of Servcorp at ServcorpFabienne Moukheiber Hajjar

“Success is a mind game, if you train your mind to believe that everything is possible then you will achieve it!” 
A successful, Professional Woman, Fabienne is the General Manager at Servcorp – Qatar, United Kingdom, Germany, and Lebanon. She is sharing her thirteen years journey to inspire women and professionals to take a risk and embrace change.


Graduated with a Doctorate in Pharmacy, with more than a decade of work experience in the pharmaceutical field, Fabienne was determined to carry on her career in the business environment once she moved to Doha with her family.

She was excited when Servcorp offered her the Manager’s job. She instantly realized, although it was a 360 degrees change in career path, how amazing is this opportunity and has jumped into the new challenge. She wanted to try something different and started her journey with Servcorp in 2009.

Fabienne described her story as ‘simple but successful’ and could inspire people on ‘how it is possible to start all over again at any age’ and most importantly mentioned the advantages of building a successful career at Servcorp.


Fabienne’s initial position at Servcorp was as a Floor Manager at the first Servcorp location in Doha. At the time, she was faced with the challenge of an underperforming economic situation and was focused to make her floor worth it.
Within six months, Fabienne proved to Servcorp that she could turn the situation around.

Her journey highlights that while she had started as a Floor Manager, as she made the Plaza become successful, the CEO Alfred Moufarrige started to expand around Fabienne by giving her greater opportunities and more locations to operate.


After succeeding at the first location in Doha, the company then expanded to the Tornado Tower, which performed strong enough to then expand to the Doha Tower.

Although a small country with a population of 2.7 million people, Servcorp was still able to attain three locations thanks to Fabienne’s persevering efforts which still continue to deliver. Servcorp Qatar had also gained popularity during the FIFA World Cup, which took place in Doha last year.

From Doha, Fabienne’s responsibilities spread along new territories, then Lebanon and two years ago she was assigned General Manager to Servcorp in United Kingdom and Germany.

“I am proud to be part of the success and expansion of Servcorp worldwide; The Finest Serviced & Virtual Offices and Coworking space provider!”


Servcorp has given Fabienne an avenue to not only succeed as a professional woman, but to also become an inspirational role model for her children. Other than being presented with continuous opportunities, she has been delighted to be building relationships on a professional & personal level with institutions, with Directors, CEOs of International organizations, semi-governmental institutions, and ambassadors– it has truly been a bundle of opportunities.

In her thirteen years spent at Servcorp she has built a strong connection with her team and has many memories she cherishes such as events, challenges, birthdays, marriages, and new-borns – all which she considers as a ‘treasure’ to her.


From responsibilities, opportunities and receiving awards, Fabienne strongly believes Servcorp has empowered her to lead a successful life. Her amazing career development has been a testament to the possibilities available at Servcorp and tells the story of ‘anything is possible’.

Her time at the company has allowed her to travel the world, meet her colleagues in other countries and create new connections. Upon joining Servcorp, she had never expected it to turn out the way it did, but she is glad to have taken a leap of faith and change her professional life completely.


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