BRUNELLO CUCINELLI Project in support of Mankind

Reusing the new Brunello Cucinelli S.p.a: a new project for the allocation of surplus clothing resulting from the temporary closure of its boutiques due to the pandemic

This is the thought that has guided us; from various Western and Eastern

philosophers we have learned that there is no absolute evil as there is no absolute good. There is always

some good in evil and some evil in good, and both can teach us something. Bearing all this in mind, we

felt the desire to gift mankind with those garments that are still in our boutiques due to the temporary

interruption of sales. Their manufacturing, style and commercial value is the same, but their

meaningfulness has sharply increased, because now they become a sensitive sign of the new way of

conceiving capitalism, the kind of capitalism we tend to favour, whereby the harmony between profit

and giving back accounts for one of its most meaningful humanistic moments.

We have considered these garments as some sort of “loving resource” for mankind, so we would like to

see this action as an investment for the future of our enterprise, in keeping with the great project of

“living and working in harmony with Creation”. For this reason, we have set up a “Council in support of

Mankind” made up of ten people, six of whom are from our family, and the rest come from the company.

The above Council has the task of managing this sizeable amount of garments with a production value

of thirty million euros and with a worldwide network made up of those partners of ours who have

shown their sensitivity and willingness to carry out a project through which they will liaise with human

beings focused on supporting the needy by sending them small packages containing these garments as

gifts. There will be a small internal organization that will take care of this, and the garments will carry

the following indelible label:

“Brunello Cucinelli for Humanity”

Brunello Cucinelli: “It seems to me that this project – that we all define as “intense” – in some way

raises the dignity of mankind and pays tribute to all those who have taken part in the manufacturing of

these garments. It will go hand in hand with the other project started several years ago, which consists

in repairing, recovering and reusing all of our products. All this goes to fulfil the greatest “human

sustainability” project we have always believed in and that can be summed up as follows: “protecting

the climate, reducing emissions, safeguarding the earth and wildlife, and taking care of human beings”.

It would be a real pleasure for me if this symbolic gesture was welcome as a sign of hope for a new and

lasting time”.


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