Is marketing more about imagination or innovation? Is the marketer more artist or entrepreneur? As marketers need to master data analytics, product design, and customer experience, that requires a new way to think about creativity in marketing.

First of all, costumers today are not just costumers. They are creators and influencers on your marketing plans and platforms. They can help you develop the content and the ideas by using their experiences to expand your company’s reach. To be creative in marketing, you should work with the customers, not just for them.

Moreover, every marketer should invest in the end-to-end experience, not just the part that is under their control. That includes the product or service, the selling process, the customer care service, and the after-sale service. That takes time and effort but brings creative thinking to any unfamiliar problem.

Nowadays, people are the new platform for marketing. Person-to-person marketing is the most important and effective tool you can use. So being creative at this point requires you to turn everyone into an advocate for your business. This will bring you new recruitment opportunities. The most important issue is to bring your creativity to measurements, which means that you need to know exactly what works and what doesn’t work. That allows you to be creative while not wasting time on plans that cannot be completed. 


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