Dominican Republic’s Distribution Pioneer -Grupo Casa DR Brings Dominican Brands to Qatar

Known for cigars and exotic holiday destination –the island of Dominican Republic is also a brimming pot of fashion, interior décor, and lifestyle resources that needs to be discovered by the Middle Eastern region specifically.

Emerged from the Dominican island, Grupo Casa DR was established with a desire to innovate and open new paths between Qatar and Dominican trades. For years, the company has already been a leading source of sustainable logistics development in the Miami region.

Today,  Grupo Casa DR has expanded its logistics operations to the land of Qatar covering hospitality, services, and lifestyle businesses. The company has registered itself as Grupo Casa DR LLC in Doha.

Grupo Casa DR–the Innovative and Progressive Company with Market Expertise

Steering the brands in the Qatari lands, serving as cargo intermediaries –the Grupo Casa DR has been known to market any products, brands, or services in Qatar.

Founded by Ahmed Zaidan and Dr. Natalia Mena –the company has already built an impeccable reputation in Doha under their smart supervision.

A Partnered Venture by HE Sheikh Salman bin Mohammad Al Thani

Dr. Natalia Mena and Ahmed Zaidan has collaborated with His Excellency Sheikh Salman bin Mohammad Al Thani to channel the Dominican luxuries and Qatari extravagances in both regions.

An Avant-Garde Company

Investing on tech development to become the marketing and distribution platform of choice in Qatar.

It’s an open book that technology is the future of marketing, and Grupo Casa DR is well aware of that. Being the newly launched distribution and marketing company in Qatar, they are sentient of the importance of using technology to maintain a good flow of information with clients and assure an effective brand distribution and marketing timeline.

A Licensed Distributor for Dominican Amber

Dominican amber has been considered the most unique gemstone due its finest clarity and high concentration of fossil inclusions. It’s the most sought after luxury and collector item. Grupo Casa DR has brought this exceptional jewel to Qatar from the Caribbean coasts.

World-Class Marketing and Distribution Solutions

High-end services, digital traceability, and all in one services for brands make them one of the best Dominican Distribution company.

Grupo Casa DR is ready to supply tailor-made solutions. Strategically located at Doha, Miami, and Dominican Republic, their state of the art facilities with digital systems are deliberately designed to meet all their clients’ needs.

The satisfied customers of Grupo Casa DR include SMEs, startups, and organizations. From customs to risk management levels, the company handles everything promptly.

Their added value is that they understand the market flows and processes. Similarly, information has given a competitive edge to their methods.

In the future, the Grupo Casa DR expect to occupy a key role in distribution and marketing industry between the Qatar and Dominican Republic’s regional platform connecting the two regions. Given the company’s line of business, they seem to be not only in the best possible scene, but also in the most capable hands.


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