Geneva-based Hôpital de La Tour to offer exclusive services for Arab patients

Hôpital de La Tour, the leading Geneva-based private hospital renowned for its high level of medical excellence, is offering uniquely personalised services and amenities to Arab patients so they can enjoy a superior quality of care. These include the hiring of Arabic-speaking staff members such as nurses and care coordinators, provision of translation facilities, high-class private suites, limousine services, conciergerie, hotel booking, and more.

Hôpital de La Tour’s announcement of these personalised services for its Arab patients focuses on improving communication and making patients’ stay as comfortable as possible. About the importance of these services, Rodolphe Eurin, the Chief Executive Officer of Hôpital de La Tour stated: “Our goal is to connect with the patients, identify their needs, and design tailor-made treatments and care that get them back on their feet and make them feel right at home while with us. Teams at Hôpital de La Tour are constantly challenging themselves to stay competitive and offer tailored support that surpasses our patients’ expectations. We are constantly motivated by the difference that we are able to make.” He added: “The focal point of our organisation is offering high quality care to all of our patients. Excellence is at the heart of what we do at Hôpital de La Tour.”

From the day it opened its doors in 1976, the hospital has taken a patient-centric approach by offering an advanced standard of care. It is the only private institution in French-speaking Switzerland to offer 24/7 emergency care, internal medicine, intensive and continuous care, as well as pulmonary services for acute care. It is also equipped with an intermediate neonatal care unit and a sports medicine facility benefiting from a Swiss Olympic Medical Center accreditation.

On its mission to provide the utmost quality of health care, Hôpital de La Tour believes in clinical research to drive continuous improvement. This approach helps in curating advanced courses of treatment to improve the patients’ quality of life, in addition to developing medical excellence based on scientific evidence. Adding to this, the hospital constantly asks for its customers’ feedback regarding the quality of services and products it provides, and uses that knowledge to implement changes when and where they are needed the most.

The stand-out factor for Hôpital de La Tour is not only their superior service quality, but also the advanced technology they harness. The hospital is powered with state-of-the-art equipment to certify accuracy in diagnosis and treatment. Hôpital de La Tour offers certified intensive care units, intermediate care units, operating theatres, catheter labs, emergency services, neonatal units, among others.

The hospital is also equipped with progressive technology and infrastructure. It extends an orthopaedics and traumatology department with 11 joint specialists, a Swiss Olympic Medical Center with an advanced rehabilitation unit and top-grade infrastructure, a cancer centre, women’s health centre, cardio-pulmonary diseases centre, and a metabolism and obesity centre.


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