High Jewelry Collection 2020 Contemplation

Grasp a piece of sky. Follow the movement of a cloud. Watch a raindrop fall. Be mesmerized by a feather’s swirling flight. Contemplate.

With her new High Jewelry collection, Claire Choisne, Creative Director of Maison Boucheron, aimed to seize the intangible by revealing the fleeting beauty of the natural world. “For years, I have wanted to capture the ephemeral, to convey the poetry of present moments, the purity of the sky, light effects. The jeweler’s art is about stopping time in its tracks, making instants eternal when, by their very essence, they are not”.

Comprising sixty-seven pieces, Contemplation represents the most personal and intimate collection of High Jewelry ever created by Claire Choisne. The codes of Boucheron are interpreted with an extremely sensorial approach: pieces seem to quiver with the slightest breath on the skin, fragments of stars are caught in airy matter, a cloud of diamonds swirls on a weightless necklace. The first jeweler to open on Place Vendôme now invites us to reconnect with our senses in order to appreciate what is most precious: the present moment.


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