Innovative Moonlight Concept Designs that are worth trying in 2021

The High-end Fashion Pieces to check out by Moonlight Concept

Fusion Fashion for Hijabis

A sophisticated yet stylish collection catered for modest women –Moonlight Concept Established in 2011 and successfully introduced a beautiful line of headscarves, clothing, abayas and jackets every year designed by Muna Al Kaabi, the Founder and Head Designer of Moonlight Concept.  A Qatari talented self-taught designer who had a dream and was passionate enough to make it a reality.

Her eye for details, fascination with using different elements and love of luxurious materials made her Moonlight brand completely exceptional. All her designs are meant to be timeless classic work of art.


Travel Suits for the Go

Remember, it’s the innovative details that count at the end of the day. For this reason, Moonlight Concept is all about celebrating workwear with a twist.

Think along the lines of practicality with style. The brand has introduced stylish travel suit collection that marks ‘the destination-appropriate” attire while you travel.

Yes, the look is sleek and chic, complete as a modern staple for your travel and everyday office-wear.

A-Line Abayas –The Confident Women Attire

A-line abayas -the most stylish cut and effortlessly chic collection is here to add to your closet. Being the epicenter of middle-eastern fashion, this traditional design is known for its evergreen style.

That’s why Moonlight Concept has added the right amount of glam to their signature A-line collection that can upscale your regular look keeping intact with modesty and style.

Dolman Abayas –the Trending Modest Fashion

Moonlight Concept Dolman Abayas are surely causing quite a stir in the modest fashion world. It’s a must-have for a style revamp.

This innovative collection is more flattering than you could expect. They are a great source to effortlessly create sleek and stylish look even if you’ve put on some extra pounds during holidays. They are surely the day savers!

Functional to Fashionable Flare

Moonlight Concept have brought exciting updates in the modest fashion. The latest abaya collection with longer outlines in comfortable fabrics is all we want for the season. These flare abaya designs are equally practical and stylish.

The perfect layering piece for the year-round! The collection is innovative in style with its futuristic design for both comfort and style purposes. They are perfect for evening events, shopping, and day affairs.

Kimono for Versatility

The designer brand has introduced kimono-come-trench-coat with the addition of the belt. This style not only stands out but also creates more shape, adding a touch of charm. You can wear it belted, or open on any outfit and create your personalized style with grace.

Royal Winter Coats for that Regal Appeal

Do the fur coat ever go out of fashion? We bet they never do. Thanks to the Moonlight Concept, this stylish layering option is available to level up your attire instantly into the most fabulous look.

No doubt, the wide lapel and belted fur look always uplift your style to become super elegant.

The high-end Qatari brand is surely giving us that much-needed fashion innovation. The explosion of powerful and practical clothing designs with modern-traditional fusion is getting its hype across the modest fashion world. From serene, softer hues to bold, audacious designs –Moonlight concept has it all!

In Frame: Afraa Al Marri

Photographer: Shadira Photography

Special Thanks: Alwadi Hotel Doha MGallery


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