M Spa at Alwadi MGallery Doha –The Ultimate Relaxation with Luxury

Review Alert: By Leslie Fernandez

As a lifestyle enthusiast, I’ve had tons of spa treatments. However, M Spa is amongst the ones that are truly exceptional. And so, the incredibly good spa experience at M Spa situated at the Alwadi MGallery Hotel is what you must read about.

Indulging in the finest experiences to escape from the daily hustle and bustle of life –M Spa is not just a therapy, it’s the extraordinary serene environment with the blend of latest and ancient therapeutic experience that makes the destination remarkable.

M Spa offers the guests an opportunity to experience the ecstasy that would be otherwise absent from the daily pursuit of life. 

The M Spa at the Al Wadi Hotel MGallery Doha has become the standard for others to follow. Yes! The bar is set, and raised, every so often that other spas simply play the catch up to the aesthetically crafted world-class M Spa that calls Qatar home.

An Oasis of Serenity, the M Spa of Alwadi MGallery defines the Apex of Spa Retreat combining Holistic Wellness

M Spa offers a variety of spa treatments that cater to everyone. It’s a perfect blend of elegance, splendor, and opulence with luxury.

The place offers its guests a lavish, comfy architecture with boutique spa facilities. It’s a relaxing, stylish, and blissful paradise setting at the heart of Doha.

The concept of M Spa at Alwadi MGallery Hotel is envisioned as a sanctuary, a soothing escape tucked inside the grand property. The most unique element of the M Spa is the grandeur and stylish décor in calm tones creating luxurious and alluring warmth as you step in. The transitional lighting within the reception, to the foyer, and relaxation areas, and finally to the total controlled relaxing darkness of the treatment rooms just bring in the calmness.

The visitors of M Spa are always taken to a tour of the treatment area and spa boutique for a closer look at the modern treatment settings, natural Arabic oils, and healing products that are specially designed for M Spa.

We were of course greeted with a smile and welcome drink at the reception. This wasn’t just any ordinary welcome drink, it was an MGallery exclusive cocktail, something really unique indeed. 

The first thing I’ve noticed is how serene the M Spa is in its design. A comfy lobby at which we sat and walked past to get to the treatment rooms.

The M Spa offers wellness retreats through an extensive range of therapies and a list of specialists to choose from. They even offer special massages for expectant mothers and post-partum women. It took us a while to appreciate the extent of their spa menu.

The therapist guided us about the treatment we should take after asking us the necessary questions regarding our health and fitness issues. Yes, a spa treatment starts off with a personalized consultation where the guests are served with herbal tea accompanied by the warm smiles of the spa therapist.

After a detailed consultation, we decided to have the M Spa’s signature massage.

Once our therapy was decided, we were escorted to the treatment rooms that were equipped with amazingly comfortable massage tables and spa essentials. We were guided to the changing rooms and when we got back to our treatment rooms, they were scented with soothing and refreshing Arabic fragrances and the lights were dimmed to create a comfortable ambiance.

The therapists at M Spa use exclusive ingredients in their spa treatments that are sourced from organic and natural resources. The Arabic oils and herbs were all-natural and cold-pressed to maintain all the goodness.

The Extraordinary M Spa Massage Experience

Our therapist was truly professional in her craft. She used a combination of Asian and Western therapy techniques including deep tissue, relaxing, nurturing, and sculpting.

This M Spa’s exclusive massage blew my mind! It was a whole body-awakening experience with a blend of therapeutic massage techniques using multiple-intensity and frequent strokes. Long strokes improved lymphatic drainage and blood circulation. Swedish deep tissue techniques work into muscle relaxation to relieve stiffness and tension. Thai movements added elements of stretching to increase flexibility.

With every stroke, I slipped deeper into relaxation, even drifting off to the sea of calmness. I dozed off for 5-10 minutes during the massage. It’s like the therapist knew exactly which places held the most strain and how to distress every bit of my body.

The feeling of tension dissolved with the ninety minutes M Spa’s signature massage. This exclusive healing therapy combines gentle stretching, skin rolling, and long therapeutic strokes to relieve strains. The balanced pressure with palm and thumb techniques unraveled the deepest stress and improved the blood flow.

It was extremely soothing and released all the stress from my mind and body. Sadly, the massage was soon over after 60-minutes. It was surely the best 60 minutes of my life.

We were then sent to a beautifully designed seating corner and served with hot lemongrass tea to finish.

From the beginning to the end, this treatment was undoubtedly a flawless experience of ultimate relaxation. We were asked about our experience with the M Spa by the friendly staff. There’s nothing to complain about because it was all perfect.

Not only do I recommend you to visit the M Spa at the Alwadi MGallery, I urge you!


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