Plan A Holiday Immersed In The Natural Beauty Of The Lake Geneva Region

Top 6 undiscovered destinations in Canton de Vaud

As the global lockdown slowly eases with many countries relaxing their restrictions, normality is on the horizon for those longing to travel and break away from the confines of their homes. After a difficult few months, we now begin to see many European countries announcing the opening of their borders for travel and tourism this summer. Once the travel restrictions are eased, experts predict that travellers would want to rediscover nature and choose quieter destinations, away from crowded cities. This makes Canton de Vaud in Lake Geneva Region of Switzerland the best secluded, yet prettiest places to travel to from the GCC. Furthermore, Switzerland has been ranked the safest country in the world, according to the recent COVID-19 Regional Safety Assessment by Deep Knowledge Group.

Without doubt, Canton de Vaud which stretches along the northern shore of Lake Geneva region of Switzerland, radiates sheer calmness, classic charm and stunning natural beauty. Here are 6 undiscovered destinations in Canton de Vaud:

Rochers de Naye

Take a cogwheel train to Rochers de Naye and discover the stunning panoramic views over the Alps and Lake Geneva. Rochers de Naye is a mountain in the Swiss Alps, overlooking Lake Geneva near Montreux and Villeneuve, in Canton of Vaud. It lies on the range separating the basin of Lake Geneva from the valley of the Sarine, on the watershed between the Rhone and the Rhine.

Historic Steamboat Cruise

Embark on a cruise, either on a modern vessel or a restored paddlewheel steamboat, some of which that dates back over 100 years. Featuring resounding whistles and paddle wheels that stir the waves, these ships are attractions themselves. The crew offers a tour of the ship, from the engine room to the wheelhouse. Travellers can choose half day and full day cruises departing several trips a day from Lausanne to some of the most beautiful cities in Canton de Vaud including Nyon, Montreux, Morges and Vevey.

Peak Walk at Glacier 3000

Taking a walk on a suspended bridge at an altitude of 3000 meters is an experience you are not likely to forget! Overlooking the glacier of Les Diablerets and panoramic mountain views, the Peak Walk by Tissot on the Glacier 3000 is the world’s only suspension bridge connecting two summits (highest point of a hill or mountain). This adventurous experience is one of the many activities offered by the summit station of the glacier above Les Diablerets. Others include glacier walks (on foot, in a snow bus or on a sled pulled by Nordic dogs), Alpine Coaster, downhill skiing and snowboarding. The restaurants in the futuristic Botta 3000 building are also worth the visit.

Chillon Castle

Chillon Castle, near Montreux, is a romantic medieval castle that dates back to the 12th century and is located on a rock on the banks of Lake Geneva. It comprises about 25 structures that are unique in the world and considered to be one of the most renowned historical monuments in Switzerland.

Panoramic Stroll in Lausanne

Set on a hillside facing Lake Geneva and the Swiss mountains, Lausanne offers walkers a series of extensive panoramic views. This downhill stroll helps discover the 10 most beautiful viewing spots in Lausanne. From the Sauvabelin Tower with 360-degree views of the city to the majestic Lausanne Cathedral and the iconic Hermitage Park to Le Crêt De Montriond with stunning views over Lake Geneva, Lausanne boasts a serene backdrop of the Swiss landscape allowing travellers to slow down and immerse all that the nature has to offer.

Vineyards of Lavaux

The terraced vineyards of Lavaux were listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site in2007. They can be explored on foot or by bike or, during the summer, on the Lavaux Express or Lavaux Panoramic, miniature tourist trains that wind their way through the vineyards. All the vineyards are suspended on terraces overlooking the lake, benefiting from the mildest annual average temperature in Switzerland.


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