Qatar’s Falcon to Contribute to the Public Transport Post COVID with Social distance & Sustainable Tech Enabled Micromobility Solutions

Falcon, a new company which is pioneering safe, sustainable, tech-enabled micromobility solutions, has been launched in Qatar with the aim of changing the face of national public transport in a post COVID 19 world.

The company has been established by three Qatari investors with backgrounds in corporate and investment finance who plan to roll out upon finalizing authorities approvals on their first app-enabled solutions at many transportation hubs in Q4 this year.

The founders have secured an international management team with entrepreneurial expertise in ride sharing schemes and artificial intelligence. They will steer Falcon into a global brand which solves major transport issues with sustainable solutions which meet post pandemic users priorities.

“Our aim is to provide last mile connectivity, what we call micromobility, often to, or from, another transport mode such as a bus, train, or car,” explained Hussain Abdulla, Falcon’s Managing Director.

“COVID 19 has led users to reprioritise their health and environmental priorities and Falcon addresses these concerns. Ride sharing enables social distancing when travelling and is much kinder to the environment helping to reduce carbon emissions and congestion. Users will also ride in confidence with all equipment being sanitized and knowing they have the back-up of a Falcon Feeder maintenance van and crew on ground if needed.”

In its first operational phase, and in coordination with the relevant authorities, the company plan to open four ‘Charging docking stations, known as Nests, for its fleet of electric-powered scooters, bikes and mopeds which people can book via the Falcon app and use to get to their destination.

Eventually Falcon’s battery-powered micromobility vehicles will dot Doha’s streets providing last-mile connectivity to people who want a convenient mode to travel to their destinations.

Falcon invests heavily in research and development in renewable energy. Its vehicle charging options will include those powered by solar technology while its Doha Falcon Hospital repair and storage facility, which will also house an AI-driven operations control centre, will run entirely on renewable energy.

Falcon is open to partner with transport operators, regulators, developers, and educational institutions to help design new age of transportation solutions, review safety measures, jointly promote micromobility and truly progress environmental sustainability.


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