Sarah Bouraoui join Hands with LLQ Lifestyle as Magazine Ambassador

In a world obsessed with social media and digital infatuation is a thing –content is still the king!

And as we enter the year 2022, I believe establishing loyal social partnerships are essential as they help in growth and amplify the words out. LLQ Lifestyle has received thousands of applications when we announced our magazine ambassador program. Out of many influencers, we chose to partner with Sarah Bouraoui.

Meet The LLQ Lifestyle’s Official Magazine Ambassador –Sarah Bouraoui

Young trailblazer Sarah Bouraoui, the Tunisian influencer and luxury cars enthusiast has joined the LLQ Lifestyle family as the magazine ambassador.

Sarah’s journey to become a social media star begin due to her love for luxury cars. Being a car enthusiast, Sarah started blogging about cars after completing her MS degree in Marketing and Business development.

The meteoric rise of Sarah Bouraoui to becoming one of the most-followed Instagram influencer feels almost as if it happened overnight. However, this isn’t just happened all of a sudden. Every post she makes is a result of detailed research and hard work with a touch of her signature style.

Finally, in the wake of her passionate blogging and leveraging more than 70 thousand followers, it wasn’t long before the fashion and lifestyle world came calling.

With Sarah signing up to become an ambassador for seven clinics under Gulf Dental and Family Poly Clinics and racking up the appearances.

Then, of course, there was her unique linguistics skill of speaking 6 languages has made her popular than ever. Sarah can easily speak Arabic, English, French, Russian, Spanish, and German. One of her goals is to reaching proficiency in 12 languages.

Sarah is a fast-learner. She first discovered this unique ability to learn multiple languages while she was working in the hospitality industry. This exceptional skillset has helped her grabbing great opportunities and her career progressed in a very short span of time.

Being a good communicator –Sarah knew she have more opportunities coming her way in the media and communications sector.

Just like her unique personality, Sarah Bouraoui has artistic hobbies. While she loves to do calligraphy art in her spare time, Sarah also likes to dance –an art-lover for sure!

LLQ Lifestyle looks forward to working with Sarah and anticipate something best coming out this partnership.

Photography: Farhat Naweed / Pradeep

Dress: La Boutique Blanche

Hair and makeup: Hichem Belhaj


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