Harriet Gyamfuah –Celebrating Women Leaders in Qatar’s PR Industry

Qatar’s media and public relation industry has traditionally been dominated by men. However, the last few years have seen a progressive shift in the sector, and this evolvement not only brings greater values to brands but it is also one that empowers women as PR leaders.

Diversity is the strength of women. How does a strong, powerful, and successful woman navigate work, client relationships, love, and life, in a world that still doesn’t always accept strong women? In LLQ Lifestyle’s ‘Power Women Story” series, we are casting a spotlight on accomplished women who have become leaders in their sphere and are truly winning at life.

Today, PR powerhouse and one of Doha’s most well-connected professionals is our focus. Meet Harriet Gyamfuah – a Publicist who is exceling in her PR management role at a result of incredibly hard work and unbelievable tenacity. Welcome to today’s ‘Power Women Story’ series.

Leveraging Success through Hard Work 

Over the years, Harriet has managed a clientele related to media, fashion, and notable celebrities. She has worked with leading brands like Prada, Miu Miu, Nicole Farhi, Celine, and Liberty of London.

Harriet Gyamfuah has led and headed up international publicity campaigns for London, Paris, and Milan fashion weeks. She has secured press coverage and acquired event attendance of VIPs through attentive network building and sheer determination. She has also managed press conferences and interviews of international celebrities in various locations.

Harriet continued her legacy to success with moving to Qatar. She has an established portfolio which consists of being the Editor of Abode magazine. She immersed herself deep into the core of Qatar’s media and lifestyle sector, getting to know and understand the community. Now, Harriet has created long-lasting links and a strong foundation that has gained her a reputable name within the media and fashion circuit. 

The Founder of Creatives Amplified

Harriet has built a large network of creatives, and connections for brands, and celebrities under the umbrella of her company ‘Creatives Amplified’. While heading multiple projects, campaigns, and initiatives – Harriet has brought the global attention towards Qatar’s fashion, lifestyle, and hospitality industries.

Today, Creatives Amplified has become the most consistent and reliable organization of Qatar’s PR industry. The company also operates as a full-service influencer marketing agency, managing a diverse portfolio of top celebrities, public figures, and social media personalities.

Bringing the Pace to Qatar’s Influencer Marketing on Higher Régime

Harriet has been awarded board membership for Qatar Fashion Society – that has been updated to be M7.

Harriet has also heroically spoken on the platforms of several professional networking events. Qatar has witnessed many successful press campaigns, awards’ shows, and other popular marketing events under Harriet and her team’s supervision.

Changing the Curb of Qatari PR Industry

Harriet has always been a staunch supporter and vocal in her advocacy for women’s empowerment. She has expressed the need of mentoring systems as a way to learn from those who have been there and done that!

Clearly, representation matters. The truth is that the Qatari PR industry is now celebrating diversity after having Harriet who is taking the industry’s standard to a whole new level. However, more needs to be done to ensure women in the PR world get a fair share of boardroom presence. For an industry that is one-third women, there is more room for progress and for better representation. Harriet is paving the way as a beacon of hope in the right direction.

Empowering Women in the PR Industry

There is a need to create open platforms where women can learn, share, and access mentors. But, there is also a need for the industry to give women a fair shot and space to thrive and achieve, because if we are to go on Harriet’s – and many more – great examples, we know that women in PR are absolutely more than capable, resolute, and passionate to do an excellent job. The current assumptions and realities about the PR field are changing for the better, and Harriet is amongst those who will continue to help and improve the bigger picture.  

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