Sheraton Grand Doha launched its first Women’s Circle event during Pink October in collaboration with Anahi, the Self-Worth Coach

Sheraton Grand Doha Resort & Convention Hotel, Qatar`s iconic landmark, launched its Women’s Circle with an invitation-only private event. This initiative aims to be an exclusive platform for supporting women, in collaboration with self-worth coach, Anahi Ortiz-Prieto. This event comes under ‘Together We’re Better’ CSR program inspired by Marriott’s spirit to serve the community.

This initiative comes in conjunction with the continuous efforts made by the hotel to support women in general and Breast Cancer Awareness Month in particular, which strengthens Sheraton Grand’s concerted thrust towards initiatives aimed at transforming the Qatari society into a healthy, cancer-free society.

Sheraton’s Women Circle kickoff event, held under the title “The Power Of Loving You”, aimed to create a distinct and exceptional space for the invitees, where Anahi, the Self-Worth Coach, addressed attendees with a warm welcoming speech and spoke about the power of honest communication among each other to discuss facts and challenges, as well as the importance of Self-Compassion and Self-Care in creating joyful lives for themselves and those around them.

Anahi conveyed the role that their Self-Care and Self-Love mattered in their goals and Vision, including their paths to improve our society. “It is through abundant Self-Care that feels aligned and genuine, that each of us will be able to overcome the challenges we face in womanhood and beyond”, Anahi said.

During the course of the event, deliberations took place on the importance of early detection and awareness in the fight against Breast Cancer, and the ways to lead a healthy lifestyle. In addition, Anahi also emphasized the importance of Self-Love to the attendees, and why women need to invest time and energy into their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. 

On this occasion, Fatma Kurt, Head of Marketing & PR, said: “Today, we are elated to offer an exclusive platform through the “Women’s Circle”, to invite elite women from Qatar’s multi-cultural society to discuss their experiences and share their stories with the aim of enriching the knowledge of the attendees. We believe that such poised platforms enable women to support and empower each other. We offer our gratitude to our self-worth coach (Anahi) without whose collaboration we wouldn’t have been able to curate such a successful platform. Anahi guided the participants on the powerful ways of reaching a state of psychological satisfaction and ways of coexistence, in addition to a meditation session that contributed to reaching the stage of inner peace”.

As part of Sheraton Grand Doha Resort & Convention Hotel’s continuous and purposeful efforts to support entrepreneurs and startups, the hotel has joined hands with Candeel and Rayhan Medical Complex for the gifts, Boho Picnic for the decoration to add an exceptional touch to the occasion, the media partner of the event, and powered by H Digital.

Meanwhile, to celebrate the success of the event, a Women’s Circle Linkedin group has been created to facilitate communication among members and provide information about upcoming events and programs. Those wishing to join the group can do so by visiting; Women Circle- where all women come together on Linkedin


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