AlRayyan Hotel Doha, Curio Collection by Hilton collaborates with Mattel, Inc. to launch the first Themed Family Suite experiences in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Tucked nicely into the Mall of Qatar’s shopping district, the AlRayyan Hotel Doha, Curio Collection by Hilton, continues to weave its magic with a stunning new offering that promises to be another draw for families and visitors to the State of Qatar. Together with Mattel, the leading global toy company and owner of one of the strongest catalogs of children’s and family entertainment franchises in the world including Barbie®, Hot Wheels®, Fisher-Price®, the Hotel has developed the first-of-its-kind set of Barbie and Hot Wheels Themed Family Suites in the country –inspired by travel, and the empowerment of the new generation – adding value to the nation’s vast must-visit attractions.
From piloting your own airplane to racing super loops, the unique and impressive Barbie and Hot Wheels Family Suites at AlRayyan Hotel Doha aim to merge fun experiences with the warmth of Qatari hospitality and culture, catering to all members of the family through immersive journeys and packages.
Through the Barbie – You Can be Anything and Dream Gap Project global initiatives, Barbie is committed to shining a light on empowering role models past and present in an effort to inspire more girls, so they know they can be anything from astronauts, to pilots, scientists, politicians, activists, sports champions and the like. This inspiration abounds in every detail of the new Travel Themed Barbie Family Suite, illuminating the limitless potential in every girl. AlRayyan Hotel Doha decided on the travel theme for the Barbie Themed Family Suite because of the timely opening of the Family Suites on the eve of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, an event bringing the whole world to the country for the beautiful game.

Likewise, as the number one selling toy in the world, Hot Wheels has consistently recognized innovation since it was first introduced to the market over five decades ago in 1968, and the Hot Wheels Themed Family Suite underscores how Mattel continues to empower children to explore the wonder of childhood and reach their full potential. AlRayyan Hotel Doha’s Hot Wheels Children’s Room, targeting 3- to 12-year-olds, brings the toy world to life – enlarging the cars and track to create an immersive environment for play and sleep. The design integrates key iconic elements of the Hot Wheels branding such as the use of classic Hot Wheels vehicles, like the Twinmill, to create a stimulating environment within the giant loops and structures of the Hot Wheels world. The design for the Hot Wheels Adult Room reflects the look and feel of a high-end car’s interiors, taking visual prompts from premium car upholstery and styling to theme the suite.

“The idea for the Themed Family Suites came about a couple of years ago when we as a Hotel were trying to find attractive options for our guests, particularly families,” says Isabel Fernandez, Commercial Director, AlRayyan Hotel Doha. And in Mattel they found the perfect
collaborator for their unique yet impactful offering. “Mattel creates very motivating products like the ‘Barbie – You Can Be Anything’ campaign and its empowering message for girls.
The themes we finalized were a good fit for our Hotel and worked well to create a luxury offering with an exclusive concept for families to make special occasions memorable.
As the world gets back to travelling and experiencing in person events, we are delighted to partner with AlRayyan Hotel Doha to launch this exciting collaboration. Featuring the Barbie and Hot Wheels hugely popular brands, the elegant and fun filled kids and adults themed rooms, invite families and children to be inspired in travel and careers, allowing all guests live a unique experience” said Ms. Dora Tasopoulou, Snr Manager Emerging Markets.
Media in Qatar and the country’s leading influencers were introduced to this upcoming experiential Barbie and Hot Wheels Themed Family Suites at the pre-launch event of the teaser video on October 24, 2021.
The 40-second teaser hints at some of the attractions the Themed Family Suites will include.

The clip begins with legendary Qatari rally driver Nasser Al Attiyah stopping to pick up a very excited young racing enthusiast in a Hot Wheels racing suit, who is thrilled at the opportunity of being driven by the World Rally Champion.
The video then pans to a young girl giving a lecture in a classroom, she’s then seen working in a laboratory where she picks up the key to her Barbie Family Suite. The clip continues with the young girl, now as a pilot, taking off in her plane, alluding to the female pilot of the Travel Themed Barbie Family Suite, and the endless possibilities for young women in the country and worldwide.
The young sports car racing fan is next shown standing outside the AlRayyan Hotel Doha with his Hot Wheels Family Suite key in his hand. His exhilarating experience zipping around the racetrack encapsulates everything the Hot Wheels Family Suites are all about. The teaser ends with the two smiling children boldly and confidently walking into AlRayyan Hotel Doha.

The short flick also features Nasser Al Attiyah’s young son in a cameo as a wink to the next generation of sports and car enthusiasts in Qatar, offering plenty of inspiration and reinforcing empowerment in a new way.
Qatar Airways, the country’s national carrier, and one of the world’s leading airlines, is also subtly acknowledged in the video for its multiple achievements – from empowering women pilots, engineers, and staff, to its performance during the global pandemic, and the role it plays supporting the hospitality industry and tourism, bringing the world to Qatar, and FIFA 2022.
“We are delighted to push the boundaries with this first of a kind family experience in Qatar, introducing this groundbreaking hospitality product as the first ever in the region,” says Luca Crocco, General Manager, AlRayyan Hotel Doha. “With the world’s growing interest in visiting Qatar and experiencing its warm Arabian hospitality, we are striving through this
collaboration with Mattel, to contribute towards the Qatar National Vision in bringing family experiences that elevate the country as a prime tourism destination. The new Themed Family Suites strike the perfect balance between delivering the welcoming, authentic hospitality for which the AlRayyan Hotel Doha is renowned, while presenting a fun guest experience with modern flair and charm.”
The Suites are scheduled to open early 2022, and the presence of Barbie and Hot Wheels will be felt in every corner and every activity of the space. Located on the 4th floor – the same floor as the Presidential Suite – the Barbie and Hot Wheels Family Suites are targeted at families in Qatar and the GCC with young children, as well as families from abroad, particularly those celebrating momentous occasions such as birthdays, graduation, and the like for their children.
The Family Themed Suites are presented through experience package options. From curated services such as dedicated kids’ check-in desks, designated ambassadors, welcome amenities and gifts, reserved pool lounges and floats, elaborate turndown service, themed kids’ menu and priority on private dining reservations, to toys, and immersive and interactive play environments, every design element and structural component has been thoughtfully selected with the intention of empowering children to fulfill their greatest dreams.
With the newest offering hitting the sweet spot, the AlRayyan Hotel Doha is poised to become a top choice in Qatar and the region for Themed Family mega celebrations!


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