Stay Home & Go Au Natural with The Hair Addict

** Embrace your natural hair and pull the plug on heat styling as The Hair Addict invites you to take the #The_Heat_Free_Challenge **

As we practice the art of staying home and following social distancing, there has never been a better opportunity to use this time wisely to be a little kinder to your hair. If you are a slave to your straighteners or blow dry your hair religiously, chances are you may be suffering from hair fall and have dry and damaged tresses.

With this in mind, The Hair Addict have launched ‘The Heat Free Challenge’ which challenges us to love ourselves enough to embrace our natural hair and stop using any form of heat related tools that work to change our natural hair. Going back to basics can feel like a daunting task for many women who rely on straighteners and other heated tools and requires a lot of self-love, especially for those whose confidence is boosted by the look that heat styling can bring. It also takes a lot of effort, time and patience; however as we currently live our daily lives in the comfort of our homes, we can certainly commit to this initiative with ease and give our hair a break – because we deserve it and so does each and every one of our beautifully unique tresses.

If you are keen to take on the challenge and are wondering how you will live without your heated tool arsenal, The Hair Addict share some top guidelines to get you through the challenge.

  • Rule # 1: Be patient. By the end of this journey, you will have the best version of your hair, which probably you haven’t seen before if you started straightening your hair early on in your life. Be patient and your hair will surprise you.
  • Rule # 2: Natural hair builds character. If the people around you don’t like how your natural hair looks, especially at the beginning of your journey, tough luck. And if you get discouraged and decide you need a boost very now and then, join our community and celebrate your journey with us.
  • Rule # 3: Natural hair loves moisture. Try to avoid shampoos with harsh sulfates and surfactants. They strip your hair from its natural oils. Also avoid conditioners and leave in’s with water-insoluble silicones as they cause product build up, and prevent moisture from finding its way to your natural tresses. Also drying alcohol and mineral oils are a big no.
  • Rule # 4: Ditch all of your old hair tools. That’s right! It is not only the straighteners, you would need to let go of. In fact, natural hair has its own care set. You would need to get a new towel, new brush and a diffuser.
  • Rule # 5: Detox your scalp, strengthen those pores & kiss your hair fall goodbye. Don’t forget that while you embark on your naturality journey, you can enjoy an abundance of hair growth. Scalp masks  (with clay and natural oils) can definitely remove any build up and strengthen your hair pores, which is needed for thick luscious hair.

Overwhelmed? You really shouldn’t be. Join our community or follow us on IG and we will take you through it step by step. And don’t forget, you will end up with the best version with your hair.

The Hair Addict have been championing women with natural hair and campaigning for them to embrace and be proud of their beautiful tresses since their conception in 2016. They also have their own range of products designed for natural hair which can be purchased online at

So, why not put down those straightening irons (you’re staying home anyway!), embrace your natural looks and take on #The_Heat_Free_Challenge during the stay at home period – and beyond.

For more tips to guide you through your Heat Free Journey please join the FB global community or the new Middle East community and @TheHairAddictOfficial.

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