Switzerland Tourism is presenting 46 sustainable artefacts of Swiss destinations and activities on the “Swisstainable” wall in the Club Suisse Doha (CSD)

Together with their partners Geneva, Interlaken, Montreux, Zurich and Swiss Travel System

In the Club Suisse Doha, Switzerland is focusing on “Swisstainable” travel through three exhibition walls: Swisstainable wall, Green wall and Connection wall. This innovative project that was launched by Switzerland Tourism in collaboration with their partners Geneva, Interlaken, Montreux, Zurich and Swiss Travel System on the Swisstainable wall, aims at highlighting a unique travel experience in Switzerland that is both enjoyable and sustainable.

On the Swisstainable wall, Switzerland Tourism is presenting 46 diverse, surprising and sustainable artefacts of Swiss destinations and activities while giving the club’s visitors to plan their next journey through Switzerland on the connection wall, highlighting Switzerland’s extremely dense public transport network. The green wall “I need Switzerland” symbolizes the need for greenery, fresh air and for taking care of our nature.

Commenting on their participation at the Club Suisse Doha, Matthias Albrecht, Director GCC Switzerland Tourism, said: “Sustainability is much more than a buzz word. Together with our partners Geneva, Interlaken, Montreux and Zurich, we are proving with the Swisstainable program that many small measures combined create a big step on the way to become the most sustainable travel destination in the world.”

Switzerland is renowned globally for its sustainable development, which is at the heart of Swiss tourism and Swisstainable solid commitment to empower tourists in order to make informed choices on their path to a greener future.

Matthias Albrecht, added: “Protecting the environment provides perfect synergy with Switzerland as a travel destination and taking an eco-friendly approach doesn’t mean fewer opportunities to explore. Instead, sustainable tourism invites you to travel more consciously while expanding your horizons”.

The Swisstainable program is designed as a simple and informative guide for visitors, which also encourages the industry as a whole to get involved and reduce its impact on the climate. Accessible and inclusive, Swisstainable is open to all Swiss tourism operators, based on various criteria, with three participating tiers; Level 1 – Committed, Level 2 – Engaged, Level 3 – Leading.

Indeed, today’s travelers care deeply about the environment. According to a Booking.com 2021 global survey, 83% of the 29,000 respondents said that sustainable travel was essential to them, with 61% adding that COVID-19 pandemic had actually heightened their interest in traveling sustainably.

While it’s not always easy to find sustainable options, however, Google started labelling hotels as “Eco-Certified” in their global search results after confirming third-party authentication. This was in response to the increasing number of searches for keywords associated with eco-travel – the term “green hotel,” had apparently quadrupled over the previous 18 months.


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