The “Hour and Hour” program launched several cultural and entertaining activities on the occasion of Eid Al-Adha, in cooperation with the management of Al Hazm Mall

The events, which will continue for four days until next Thursday, June 20, include various activities and competitions, and the distribution of many gifts and prizes to children.

“During the days of Eid Al-Adha, we offer a wide range of diverse activities, amid an atmosphere of joy and fun,” Ms. Tamani al-Yafei, CEO of the “Hour and Hour” program, said, pointing out that many diverse activities and training workshops were presented, such as drawing workshops for children and henna, as well as the Qatari Ardha segment, the Katatib (Writings), and cultural competitions that witnessed a large turnout from children who enjoyed participating in the questions and winning various prizes.

She pointed out that participation in Eid al-Adha activities came within the framework of the program’s keenness to consolidate the authentic Qatari heritage through cultural and artistic visions, by holding many events and activities, in cooperation with the relevant authorities in the country, to strengthen the partnership with various community institutions.

She praised the success of the cultural and heritage events presented by the “Hour and Hour” program in cooperation with some entities, the most recent of which is the “Hayya Beya and Eid Al-Adha” event, at the Abdullah Lahdan Al Muhannadi Museum in partnership with the Qatari Media Center and with the participation of Al Khor Model School for Boys and Al Dhakhira Primary School for Girls.

She ensured that the event aimed to motivate visitors to preserve the heritage of our ancestors, which is full of values, generosity, meanings, and pure human and religious principles, and to connect the present generation with the cultural, spiritual, and value heritage left by our fathers, generation after generation, to preserve cultural and heritage identity.

In addition, it aims at reviving valuable customs that instill a love of heritage in the

hearts of young people, encouraging them to adhere to their identity and history, and teaching them patience, sacrifice, and adherence to customs and traditions. It presents cultural heritage, popular and artistic performances aiming at highlighting Qatari culture, national identity and authentic heritage.

“The program keens to continue its fruitful community participation, including participation in Eid Al-Adha activities through many events and activities in cooperation with Al-Hazm Mall, in line with their role in preserving the identity, reviving the authentic Qatari heritage, and bringing joy to the faces of children in a distinctive family and entertainment atmosphere, in which we tried to combine reviving popular heritage, bringing joy to the hearts of children, and spreading a spirit of affection and familiarity among all members of society, including children,” Ms. Tamani al-Yafei stressed.

“In the “Hour and Hour” program, we are keen to blend education with culture and heritage,” she added, pointing to the program’s keenness to develop promising artistic talents through the various activities it holds.

She said,” We organized these events after the great success we witnessed in previous celebrations,” pointing to the program’s keenness to develop promising artistic talents from younger generations.

Through the various events that we hold or participate in, we give them the opportunity to express their talents, abilities, and creative energies in line with our role in contributing to achieving Qatar’s national vision and serving and developing society.

The “Hour and Hour” program continues its series of purposeful community participation, being a social and cultural program that seeks to organize various events and activities in many fields: including cultural, social, educational, health, charitable, volunteer, and heritage related activities, with a greater focus on the education and sports sectors.

The program seeks to integrate education and sports together by holding purposeful programs and events, in addition to holding foreign trips and workshops, supporting youth initiatives, and participating in the plastic arts throughout the year.

The program, through its various activities, aims to build a conscious and educated Qatari generation. It aims also to contribute to achieving the Qatar National Vision 2030, as well as achieving sustainable goals about the environment and agriculture.

The program targets various segments of society, from children, youth, and adolescents to the elderly and people with special needs, to develop their multiple skills and hone their talents, the most important of which are leadership skills. It has a highly skilled team to provide a high-level educational, pedagogical, and sports environment locally, regionally, and internationally.

Ms. Tamani al-Yafei expressed her intention to continue serving the community through the activities undertaken by the “Hour and Hour” program, as well as the activities it organizes to celebrate national occasions and holidays and to connect the new generation with the experiences of the old generation, while always maintaining a demonstration of adherence to identity, heritage, and community customs, and working to spread community partnership in the field of culture and sports.

She also expressed her pride in receiving the Lifestyle Magazine award during its annual ceremony – the third edition – which included honoring her in the category of excellence in the cultural and sports fields.


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