A minimalist approach to the World of niche perfumes;

In November 2021, the brand expanded its borders to Qatar in partnership with Abu Issa Holding / Palais Royal. RULE FRAGRANCES is now available in Blue Salon, Secret Notes, Pari Gallery, and Highland. The partnership was followed with a huge event that took place at Secret Notes, the event was with the collaboration and sponsorship of Floward, the biggest flowers distributors in the market, which added a fascinating taste to the venue itself.

RULE FRAGRANCES offer a contemporary, yet timeless perfume collection by expressing the sophisticated understanding born from the harmony of artisanship and luxury, in a manner of simplicity.

Inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s motto “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, RULE FRAGRANCES was conceptualized in September 2018 by Mert Sagdam -chemical engineer, experienced in luxury cosmetics and retail for more than 20 years- and Umut Gur –computer engineer, specialized in business development and project design- seeking to create an exclusive, unique and reachable luxury brand. The company was incorporated in July 2019 as a “contemporary perfume house” in Istanbul, the city of culture and civilizations where East meets West.

RULE FRAGRANCES, being inspired by minimalism and simplicity, and expressing it with a contemporary design approach, aims to create not just a perfume brand but a community that values arts and craftsmanship.

The sophisticated approach in the design of the packaging, the bottle and all visual artworks of RULE FRAGRANCES uses the golden ratio present in nature and brings it together with a simple and minimalist line born out of the harmony of artisanship and luxury.

Ten different genderless scents were inspired by the reflection of eight different characteristics. The collection comprises of highest quality ingredients, delicately blended as an “extrait de parfum”.

Discover your inner nature and let your “RULE” define you …

World launch of RULE FRAGRANCES took place in Beymen Zorlu Center (Istanbul) in November 2019.



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