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By Leslie Fernandez

The beauty industry is thriving like ever before. With hundreds of salons making their way in the market, now it’s a different ball game to reach the top.

To find out more about this industry, we had a chance to have an interview with a talented Akgul Absamatova, Co-Founder of Moscow Beauty Salon. 

She runs a new salon located in Doha and to add more, she started this business during the global pandemic.

Yes, you heard it right. When the global economy came to its knees, Akgul worked tirelessly to create employment for her fraternity.

Her salon has achieved new heights of success in real-time and therefore, we decided to gain an insight into her inspiring journey.

While interviewing her, we saw the glaring work ethic that surely helps her to compete in the market.

So, without further ado, let’s find out about Akgul, the Co-Founder of Moscow Beauty Salon.

Who is Akgul Absamatova?

Akgul is a young entrepreneur running her salon in Doha. She hails from Kazakhstan and did her master from the University of Bedfordshire in Great Britain. While she always wanted to pursue her passion for beauty, she was completely naive that life will take her to Qatar. 

She came to Qatar with her husband who is a government employee in 2015 and from there, she started a new beginning with hope, resilience and passion.

Akgul is a young mother of two children and she mentioned how amazing it feels to juggle between various roles. 

From a mother who worries about her children to a wife who makes sure to accompany her husband, she makes sure to work for the salon’s success as well.

Akgul is a determined woman who aims to challenge her limits and create wonder for herself and others.

Akgul Absamatova as a leader 

Akgul is an ideal example of a leader. She engages, helps and encourages others to reach their full potential. She mentioned how she has made sure to help others and create a coherent environment for them. Since Russians living in Qatar don’t have sufficient contacts, she decided to weave a network by making a group and involving Russian in the Qatari society.

Besides that, she always supports people who are new in this industry because there’s nothing better than to see new people achieving success.

One thing that stands out in Akgul is her friendly nature. She reciprocates positive energy and makes sure to create a happy ambience around her. She also makes sure to voice her opinions, take space and be accountable for the good and bad. Upon asking, what’s her secret to be such a good leader? She said, honesty and respect. 

Moscow Beauty during the pandemic

Indeed pandemic took a huge toll on the beauty industry. With extensive lockdown and complete shutdown of salons, the owners struggle to thrive. 

However, Akgul’s excellent strategies helped the business to cope with tough days.

Unlike others, they were communicating with their customers and were ensuring to provide them with the services in complete SOPs.

Despite she started this business in the pandemic, the sales were good and she is now hoping to gain more business in the future.

Is teamwork important in this business? 

Salons are infamous for their in-house rivalries. Disagreements on different matters are common in this industry. However, Moscow Beauty Salon is different from the ordinary.

The Co-Founder shared that the key to a healthy environment is communication and mutual respect. One can’t proceed without the consensus of the members. Therefore, she always engages with others before stepping up for something big.

She also showed her satisfaction with her team’s performance. 

Biggest challenge

The hiring process is always lengthy. One need to go to lengths to find the best team and this is what Akgul did to form her top team. She had a fair share of time to find the right people from all over the world and bring them to Qatar.

She invested her utmost energy to form a dream team and thus, every service over there is simply the best.

What’s her sorcery to success?

She values her customers by giving them the top services and customer satisfaction and the rest fall in her favour.

A must at Moscow Beauty Salon

If you are visiting her salon then there’s no chance you would want to miss the Moscow Beauty extensions and especially permanent eyebrows. The procedure is phenomenal and you will see promising results in real-time.

Heart to Heart with Akgul 

We asked Akgul to share a message for our readers regarding the salon and this is what she has to say: 

“Read a lot about the business and ask for professional advice to make a successful work plan. Have your style which will stand among others”



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