Al Sulaiti Law Firm, OSM Qatar, and ERA Qatar  announce a joint initiative

Al Sulaiti Law Firm, Open Source Management – OSM Qatar and Expense Reduction Analysts – ERA Qatar have announced a joint initiative, a first in Qatar, for the Corporations based in Qatar: Professional services in Corporate reorganization and restructuring.

In this period of challenging economic environment, Corporations need to revisit their economic model to remain competitive or to regain profitability.

Legal, Managerial & Operational are crucial aspects to take into consideration for Corporate success.      

This is why Al Sulaiti Law Firm, OSM – Qatar ( Open Source Management) and ERA – Qatar (Expense Reduction Analysts) have decided to cooperate together to propose Corporate Advisory Services in the 3 most important areas of any business :

  • Legal Services 
  • Company Management  
  • Operational Cost Optimization

Mr Mubarak Al Sulaiti as Chairman & Founder of Al Sulaiti Law Firm, the leading independant Corporate Law firm in Qatar, Yousuf Al Aali, Chairman & Co-founder of PIVOT LLC a QFCA licensed company in Corporate Advisory Services delivering Cost Optimization with Expense Reduction Analysts – ERA the leading international experts in cost reduction and Nino Tomasino, Chairman & Founder of Open Source Management – the Middle East based in Qatar, the leading international firm in Corporate management, announced the principles guiding this joint initiative.

Starting from September 1, 2021, Al Sulaiti Law firm, OSM Middle-East and ERA Qatar will start to deliver corporate reorganization and restructuring services for corporations in Qatar in joint coordination and in their respective legal, managerial and operational cost optimization expertise.

Subject to sanitary conditions, a conference on Corporates Reorganization and Restructuring will take place in Doha on November 25, 2021, with international keynote speakers from Open Source Management International in Italy, from Expense Reduction Analysts International in the UK & Germany, and from Al Sulaiti Law Firm, Senior Corporate Lawyers covering Legal, Company Management and Operational Cost challenges for Corporations in Qatar. 

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