Blue Salon Engaging with Local Designers in a Process to Support them in Big Events.

Blue Salon, one of the most prominent luxury department stores in Qatar, has engaged with local talented designers, to create and design exclusive items such as backpacks, candles, and luxurious 100% chamois silk ladies’ scarf. The designers, Fahad Ali, Neasa Turbidy, and Mahmoud Hajo have been nominated for an award celebrating their unique and innovative designs, and their items are now being displayed in Blue Salon.

Blue Salon, under the patronage of Mr. Ashraf Abu Issa, the chairman, and CEO of Abu Issa Holding, held a gathering to further express their gratitude and support to those local artists, yet a special thank you went to Ms. Fatima Al Kuwari, the designer behind the ceramic collection. During the ceremony, Mr. Ashraf Abuissa, stated: “Blue Salon was glad to work closely with these local artists, on a mission to support the local culture and share it with the world during this big event.

Ashraf Abu Issa, Chairman of the Board of Directors, at Abu Issa Holding, mentioned in a statement: “We are delighted to share this adventure with our local creative designers, as the goal was to help these designers get their name out there on a local and global standard. We are proud of the amount of creativity these individuals have shared with us, which reflects Abu Issa Holding Group and Blue Salon’s mission to always be supporting local talent”.

This collaborative community participation is expected to have a beneficial impact by exposing local talent in Doha, Qatar’s uprising design community. Blue Salon greatly supports the notion of local artists /designers and encourages them to take part in major events in Qatar, giving them the privilege to design for such big department stores.


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