Blue Salon On-Site Operator at FIFATM Arab Cup 2021

Blue Salon is proud to be the FIFA Arab CupTM On-Site operator and product licensee of cheer scarfs which represent 5 countries: Lebanon, Tunisia, Qatar, Iraq, and Syria. The FIFA Arab Cup Qatar 2021 ™ which is taking place across 6 stadiums hosting 16 teams, all competing for one goal, to be the best in the region and the Arab World.

Through dedication, long hours, and with FIFATM cooperation, Blue Salon FIFATM Team designed the cheer scarfs, that brings out the FIFA Arab Cup™ identity, the first tournament taking place in the region. Highlighting each country to unify the nation, and to provide every fan with the identity of their specific country, for them to demonstrate their cheering activities, with Blue Salon exclusive design.

Blue Salon has two dedicated retail stores outdoor and indoor operating at Al Bayt Stadium during the FIFA Arab Cup 2021TM. Designed and Created by Blue Salon Group, which conveys the FIFA Arab Cup™ alluring art works, demonstrating every design element which delivers hidden messages that represents: cheering, spirit, crowd, and the essence of the football vibe that is present only at the game’s venues.

The shops will be selling merchandises such as; T-shirts, caps, backpacks, scarfs, accessories, and fans cheer gear. Clientele can experience, share and collect these pieces to reminisce all the memories associated with this unique tournament for a lifetime.

The licensee will be delivering distinctive collections focusing on multiple demographics, targeting all age groups and mass markets, shifting its focus on sports merchandise, yet delivering high end quality products to fans with the FIFA Arab Cup™ spirit.

Photo credits goes to FIFATM via Getty Images.


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