Careem Rewards, special privileges and great offers

Words by Khaled Nuseibah, General Manager – Careem Emerging Markets

No one can deny that we all love to receive special privileges for our loyalty to a company. It is a satisfying thought that we are somehow a part of a select special few for a brand we so often use as a part of our everyday lives. It is all well and good to have an outstanding rating but what we really want is undeniably amazing offers from a variety of top partners.

Did you know that every time you use the Careem Super App, you earn points to be redeemed towards rewards? To date, Careem has taken the lead in the industry and is the first delivery and ride-hailing app in the region to launch a rewards program at this time. And this is just ONE of the benefits users have with Careem. The rewards are also linked to not one, not two, but four components of the Super App, meaning you can earn points by taking rides, sending credit.. Partners include My Book,, E-butler, Aspire Fitness, and many ride-hailing offers – the list is seemingly endless.

Want to hear a secret? After 15 transactions, you are also then upgraded to Gold Tier. What is this you might ask? Gold Tier can have you earning 50 percent more points on every transaction, priority customer service, and access to exclusive discounts including 5 QAR & 10 QAR off a ride. Once you reach Gold Tier status, it is valid until the end of the month during which you achieved it plus two additional months after. Of course, it is also possible to activate Gold Tier by continuing to complete 15 transactions per month.

Aside from redeeming offers, customers can also donate to causes in the region.. Careem will also continue to add further Gold Tier benefits, lifestyle partners and restaurants in the near future, such as the just-launched shopping partner: Farfetch, with more to come soon.

So with nothing to lose, why don’t you go for GOLD?


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