CHES Editions luxury The Ultimate Oil for Hair

The CHES Editions marks a new era in the world of Luxury & Beauty.

Conceptualising ‘luxury without compromise’, this one-of-a-kind British brand specialising in

essential oil-based beauty; natural perfumes & lifestyle products, retains all of the aesthetic

beauty and performance of its synthetic competitors whilst being 100% Natural & Vegan.

It comes to market with its first innovation: THE ULTIMATE OIL, 100% Natural Nourishment for

Beautiful Hair.

THE ULTIMATE OIL’s highly intelligent blend of pure and essential oils replace the need for

silicones or indeed any synthetic ingredients. Its texture and performance easily competes

with salon-grade serums whilst providing a clean and powerful boost to hair health. Its

beautifully luxurious blend (made in the UK with the highest-grade oils) promotes shine,

hydration and growth with Edition 29 for Women and Edition 11 for Men (though these are

interchangeable pending on which scent is preferred).

Each CHES ‘Edition’ has its own scent blend and purpose. Inspired by old-world, artisanal

Perfumery (without synthetic fragrance), Edition 29 (predominantly focused on overall

nourishment) has a beautifully exotic fragrance of Patchouli, Mandarin and Jasmine whilst

Edition 11 is freshly sophisticated (and formulated to specifically target hair growth) with

Bergamot, Cedarwood Atlas, Neroli and Black Pepper. They are numbered based on


CHES Editions is making luxury pure; one sensual Edition at a time.

For more information, please email:

Daria at


Instagram: @cheseditions

Made in England


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