Continental SportContact 6 enjoys double success in recent specialist tyre tests

With temperatures rising across the Middle East as the region heads into the summer season, Continental’s SportContact 6 tyre has come top in special summer tests organised by two of the world’s leading automotive titles. The independent endorsement from top German motoring titles AutoBild Sportscars and sportauto will provide added reassurance for car owners across the region looking for safe, high quality tyres.

Produced by German premium tyre and automotive manufacturer, Continental, the SportContact 6 is a high-tech tyre for luxury limousines and sports cars. It features Black Chili technology for maximum grip in all directions, and a supreme driving experience. Ideal for the Middle East market, it also features Aralon350™, a new adaptive hybrid cap ply that provides maximum stability at high speeds up to 350km/h.

The SportContact 6 secured top sport from AutoBild Sportscars with an “exemplary” rating. “A top-class sports tyre delivering precision steering, sporty-dynamic handling and short braking distances in dry conditions, stable lateral guidance in the wet and good resistance to aquaplaning,” wrote the magazine. In all eight test disciplines, conducted using an AMG C 63 as the test vehicle, the SportContact 6 scored either “good” or “very good” marks. The tyre was rated “outstanding” by the journalists from sportauto.

Emphasising the dangers of choosing tyres on the basis of price, cheap tyres in the same test were found to have “dangerously long braking distances on wet and dry roads”. The results for one cheap tyre made even less impressive reading – after just the handling run on dry asphalt, the test drivers from AutoBild Sportscars commented: “This one is neither fun nor safe to drive.”

As a frontrunner in automotive technological advancements and road safety, Continental is committed to delivering greater safety on the roads, in part through enhancing drivers’ knowledge, attitude and awareness. The company’s global Vision Zero initiative aims to totally eradicate road accidents and achieve Zero fatalities, Zero injuries and Zero accidents.


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