Dr. Dima Shihadeh – Embracing Ramadan with Health and Wellness: Tailored Care at Marble Medical Center

As the holy month of Ramadan approaches, Marble Medical Center is excited to provide tailored care and support to our community. We understand the importance of this spiritual time and how fasting can affect our patients, that’s why we’ve adjusted our services to help everyone stay healthy and well during this sacred period.

This Ramadan our center prepared a selection of special offers across all our departments, including dermatology, dental, and various medical services.

Our services include addressing any health issues that might emerge during this month, from dehydration and low blood sugar to headaches and fatigue. Our expert doctors can address a variety of issues while ensuring high-quality care and quick service.

If you are worried about balancing your diet and staying healthy during Ramadan, our Nutrition Department presents meals memberships with eight diverse menus tailored especially for this month to accommodate various dietary requirements and preferences. From suhoor to iftar, our menus provide nutrient-rich meals meticulously curated by our expert dietitian.

We also provide flexible post-iftar dental appointment hours for tooth extraction, cleaning, polishing, and all other dental aesthetics or problems. And as Eid approaches, we provide special dental treatments so you can embrace the festive occasion with confidence and radiance.

With the latest advanced technology at our disposal, our dermatologists are equipped to address any fasting-related skin concerns you may have, ensuring your skin remains healthy and radiant throughout the month.

As we embark on this sacred journey together, Marble Medical Center reaffirms its commitment to serving our community with compassion, expertise, and unwavering dedication. Ramadan Mubarak from our family to yours.


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