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LLQ Lifestyle Issue N’19 Editor’s Note

I learned while editing the November issue. Every single month, I discover new things while working on my magazine. However, this November, the lessons came different and unique.

I learned that if you want success, you gotta be patient.

It came up in interviews and events I attended for this issue. While taking part in the sophisticated events in Doha, meeting multiple highly talented people, and listening to their stories, I realized the notion that “you have to earn success”.

Today, there’s this idea of having everything quickly, and finding shortcuts to get it fast. It’s all but not realistic.

While meeting the youth, I get this strong and powerful vibe from them that hard, consistent, and sustained work pays off may sound obvious, but it isn’t -not these days. My young fellows get easily awestruck when reality shows and 18-year-old social media influencers become billionaires. This quick success persuades today’s youth that fame, and fortune can be express-tracked.

To burst the bubble, no one gets it easy. When you jot down the milestones, there’s always a long, sustained, hardworking struggle behind every success.

So, what are you working at? Whatever it is, be patient, and consistent. And don’t forget to learn along the way.

This is what I’ve learned while meeting the accomplished, brilliant entrepreneurs of Qatar.

I also learned that Qatar has the most talented youth.

At a time when the industry is emerging from challenging periods, it’s gratifying to see a new and fresh supply of young leaders emerging and coming to the fore.

They are poised to deliver the best practices of lifestyle and hospitality. There has been so much hope and expectations placed on Qatar’s new generation as this change is great.

Another year is coming to an end..

So, it’s almost a month left until the end of this year. A year in our lives that came with so many promises, opportunities, and new adventures.

Up next are our two interviews lined up with the leaders of the industry. My love affair with the Qatar’s picturesque landscapes extends to a travelogue where I recount the memoirs from our special sojourn.

With a brand new year unfolding, I wish to travel more, cover more events across Qatar, and bring back more stories for you. I also wish to bring you the best on the lifestyle front, just like LLQ Lifestyle has until now. Here’s to a year of putting the best foot forward.

Cheers to the new beginnings!

Elias Haddad.


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