Events by Adam Afara is officially awarded for being one of the top luxury event companies in Qatar

Events by Adam Afara received a prestigious award from the QBLT congress. It is recognized as one of the top 15 companies in Qatar. It is certainly a proud moment for the company.

Events by Adam Afara is happy to announce that they have been awarded by the QBLT congress as they are recognized as one of the top 15 companies in Qatar”. The Qatar Business and Luxury Travel Congress QBLT Awards are certainly one of the most recognized and respected awards brand in the luxury market.

Events by Adam Afara needs to introduction in the event designing genre. Based in Beverly Hills, California, it is a leading global event planning company that has completed several successful events and weddings.

The company was founded by Adam Afara, the renowned celebrity event designer. In his career, he designed events for some of the most high-profile brands and popstars, worked with corporate clients, and world-famous artists.

Events by Adam Afara, Event Planning and Management Solutions

Adam Afara specializes in wedding and events planning and organizing. He is the man behind the creation of several luxurious events bringing together extraordinary styles and innovative décor. Best known for his innovation and creativity, Adam Afara has no competition when it is something related to his interior concepts, unique themes or even floral designs.

Events that are organized by the company are exquisite, innovative, and the talk of the town. The name Adam Afara is synonymous with excellence and unmatched creativity. Companies that look forward to extraordinary event designs and ultimate client satisfaction look forward to designing their events by the boutique company. It’s the endeavor of the company to offer management solutions and event designs as per the requirements of the clients!

About Qatar Business and Luxury Travel Congress QBLT Awards:

One of the most prestigious and fair awards, the winners are declared after the completion of an extensive research process. The jury is known to have a tough time selecting the winner as they receive a staggering amount of entries. The winners are selected keeping in mind different factors that include strategy execution and clarity.


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