Gemfields’ third film provides a buyer’s guide to coloured gemstones

Gemfields is delighted to introduce the third instalment in its short film series dedicated to coloured gemstones. June sees the release of the Buyer’s Guide film, the aim of which is to educate consumers on every aspect of purchasing coloured gemstones, with a vivid depiction of the origins and contemporary allure of rubies and emeralds using the most sophisticated videography.

Following on from the Responsible Sourcing film, launched in April to coincide with World Earth Day, and the Emerald film released in its birthstone month of May, the Buyer’s Guide utilises the same arresting techniques to capture the drama, beauty and history of coloured gemstones. “Responsibly sourced, infinitely complex, always unique” is how the film’s narrating voiceover describes Gemfields’ coloured gemstones, and after watching, it is hard to disagree. In under two minutes, the viewer is taken on a journey through the formation of gemstones from mineral deposits deep beneath the soil, and the artistry involved in cutting them into exquisite shapes, and, finally, shown how they come to market, each one telling its own unique story.

To bring the subject to life, a mixture of paint and oil is poured to render an abstract representation of coloured gemstones, illustrating how they are formed at an elemental level, while sculptured marble tableaus in 3D set these in a real-world context. These realistic tableaus depict shoppers, a gemmologist and even an African queen – the latter to emphasise the magical powers that have long been attributed to coloured gemstones.

At the heart of the film is a desire to explain the all-important “6 Cs” that must be considered when looking to purchase a coloured gemstone: these are character, colour, clarity, cut, carat and certification. The film talks through how each gemstone’s unique inclusions – tiny flaws entombed in the crystals – give it a character all its own; its colour and clarity vary according to hue, tone and saturation; its cut is the product of the most skilful handiwork – round, oval, marquise, pear and octagon being popular shapes; each gemstone, “heavy with the earth’s history”, has a weight measured in carats; and its certification can be confirmed by the expertise of a gemmologist, for transparency on any treatments undertaken, traceability measures such as blockchain and peace of mind about its supply chain.  

From the Kagem emerald mine in Zambia and Montepuez ruby mine in Mozambique, Gemfields has been leading the way in the responsible sourcing of coloured gemstones. It is, therefore, perfectly positioned to share the extensive knowledge it has acquired through its operations. And as a dynamic, young company, always seeking to do things differently, it has embraced these playful and innovative films as an ideal way to, once again, bridge the worlds of jewellery and art – as it has done with previous collaborations – and to make coloured gemstones accessible to a younger audience.

“The world inside a gemstone never fails to fascinate me: the arresting red of rubies and the unending jardins of emeralds. This film series brings them to life in a vibrant, informative and evocative way,” adds Elena Basaglia, gemmologist, Gemfields.

The Buyer’s Guide video, like the others in the series, was created with Lambda Films, experts in high-end, contemporary video and design-led animation. It is available on both Gemfields’ website and on its YouTube channel, with shorter 30-second teaser versions appearing on social media. The series will conclude in July with its fourth and final instalment, dedicated to rubies, the birthstone of that month.


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