How Online Learning is Influencing Elementary Graduates and Virtual Graduation has become the new normal

By Leslie Fernandez

COVID-19 is here with it’s another deadliest variant. With most of the colleges and universities planning to continue online learning the upcoming semester, elementary graduation students are now looking at almost a year of learning from home.

In some country, more than 90% of households with elementary graduates experienced some sort of distance learning; the majority using online learning.

For many, this shift wasn’t easy. While some struggled with accessibility to the two major components of online education; computer and high-speed internet, some are still trying to understand how online learning impacts their children’s development, their well-being, their learning capabilities, and the overall family dynamics.

It surely wasn’t easy at the start, but it’s definitely worth it now.

Academic Digitalization for Elementary Graduates due to COVID-19 and its After-Effects

While switching to online learning was hard for many, some students actually thrived during this shift. There are many reasons why online learning has become a popular form of distance education. Here’s what it help improve the learning process while staying safe.

Flexible Schedule

Many children struggle with the rigid schedule of an on-campus school day that affects their mental health which in turn has a negative impact on their retention and grades. The flexibility provided by online learning gives these children a chance to improve learning.

Time Management

Some students prefer to break down an assignment into chunks to complete it and take a break when they feel like it. This is not possible in an on-campus environment. Such students find online learning a blessing when it comes to complete work at their own pace.

Fewer Distractions

Some students have an anxious nature and get distracted easily. These students concentrate better while learning online. Shy students who don’t prefer to answer teachers’ questions in an on-campus class, can easily participate online.

Adequate Sleep  

Students get adequate sleep which helps in improving their learning and retention capabilities. 

Increased Efficiency 

Online learning enables teachers to use many efficient and interactive ways to deliver a lesson. The use of PDFs and videos makes a lesson more interesting for elementary students.

Accessibility from Anywhere

An advantage of online classes is that it allows students to attend class from anywhere. This helps in ensuring a good class strength regardless of geographical location. It was especially helpful during COVID19 when many people migrate due to certain issues.

Offers Variety of Learning

Children usually have different learning styles. For some students, audio is a helpful way of learning, while for others find visual content is more helpful. With a combination of visual and audio content, teachers can make online learning engaging for all students.


Parent’s Struggle While their Elementary-School Kids Learn Online

In the whole scenario of online learning during COVID-19, students are not the only ones who struggled with adapting the new mode of learning, their parent’s role also enhanced.

Parents have become proxy teachers while their children learn online and it got them involved into latest studies and improving their knowledge.

Bottom Line

Despite some early adapting issues for some students, online learning has been helpful when on-site schools were not an option during COVID19. It allows schools and parents to continue with the learning process of students regardless of the pandemic.

Presently, online education has now become an essential part of life for elementary graduation students. Teachers, students, and parents all work together to get through this and make the process of online learning successful for students.

In lieu of canceling graduation ceremonies altogether due to public health concerns, virtual graduation is a preferred event to make sure that this major milestone of the students’ academic career is properly recognized and celebrated.

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