Interview with Ms. Maral Artinian, Founder and Creative Director, Marli New York

Maral Artinian is a designer and entrepreneur hailing from a family whose history in fine jewelry goes back a century.

Having lived in Asia, Europe and the Middle East, Maral was inevitably drawn to New York where, inspired by the incredible energy and the amazing women who create it, she founded MARLI

How does the family jewelry business influence you to be what you are now?

Growing up in a passionate jewelry family, I lived and breathed revolutionary designs and felt in love with attention to detail and thoughtful techniques.

Being a part of my family’s business has taught me to never compromise style for quality, and to stand up for what I believe in.

The lessons I have learned in my family’s workshop have influenced me to create pieces whose craftsmanship is refined by technique and formed by emotion.

What is your inspiration behind your success in the fine jewelry designing?

New York, the dreamer spirit, the innovative architecture, is one of my inspirations. However, I am also fascinated by the women I encounter during my travels.

I feel an automatic pull towards the women I meet and want to find the perfect jewelry piece to complement their overall look.

What drove you to create your own line of design? Instead of continuing the legacy of the family that have been in this business for more than a century?

I created my own jewelry line because I wanted to address the women of my generation who are self-sufficient, dynamic, and always ready for what could happen next.

I wanted to design fashion-forward and versatile pieces that made women feel self-confident in any event.

What are the factors that make MARLI New York distinctive?

The relationship between our customers and pieces is magnetic, it’s what makes MARLI New York distinctive from other brands. When a customer sees our pieces, she is instantly drawn to them. She feels the need to layer them to create her own personal story.

She is intrigued by how the different gold colors would look on the skin and how the stones interact with one another when paired together.

It’s always a joy for me to witness our customer having a MARLI experience because she has a twinkle in her eye and understands the magic and allure behind our pieces.

How you started designing a certain collection or piece? Any particular idea or inspiration perhaps?

Everything starts from an idea, an inspiration which may come from anywhere.

One of my inspirations has always been New York City, with the dreams this city uniquely  represents, but my main muses have always been the women I encounter.

I am fascinated with their style and want to enhance their look by finding pieces that capture their beauty.

What opted you to open a store in the Middle East? Any special attachment in the Arab region?

The Middle East has a special place in my heart, in fact it was no wonder why I chose Dubai as our first flagship store in the region.

The women from the Middle East are a great inspiration to me because they are sophisticated and understand quality. They are a firm believer in investing in pieces that have a high level of craftsmanship.

I know that if a Middle Eastern purchases MARLI they truly understand the craftsmanship that goes into creating our pieces and have fallen in love with the brand.

How do you describe a woman wearing The MARLI pieces?

The women who chose to wear MARLI are self-assured and self-purchasers. They love jewelry pieces that are guided by a fluid, minimal aesthetic and exude magnetism.

Our jewelry speaks to the women who want to express themselves by trying color or layering pieces to enhance their everyday style.

Stiff Competition is present in terms of fine jewelry designing, how MARLI positioned itself in terms of sustainability and ethicality?

At MARLI, we are constantly looking for ways to promote sustainable and ethical practices.

We are committing ourselves to building an authentic business that not only serves our customers, but also benefits our employees, families, and communities.

We are also sourcing 100% ethical gold, diamonds, and gemstones.

We are doing our part to preserve the planet by promoting fair trade,

equal employment opportunities, and protecting human and labor rights.

Leveraging her deep industry knowledge and exceptional eye, Maral put her vision into motion; creating contemporary fine jewelry that uniquely captures New York’s magic and enables smart, accomplished women to express themselves.

From her New York atelier, Maral has guided a fluid, minimal aesthetic that makes each MARLI piece visually distinct and innately magnetic.

She fuses inspiration from diverse references including the soaring lines and light refractions of New York’s architecture and the rhythmic shapes of contemporary dance.

Her artistry lies in translating these influences into bold, emotive pieces that are effortless to wear, by day and night.

Maral’s deep conviction, that with a bit of magic, you can reach anything in life ultimately drives the spirit of MARLI;

so through her collections, Maral endeavors to contribute to the unique allure of each of the women she encounters.


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