London’s Distinguished KAI Mayfair Restaurant Launches its First Ever International Branch in Qatar

Celebrated Michelin-Starred Restaurant to Deliver a Curated Menu for Doha’s Fine-Dining Enthusiasts

Kai’s Songbird, a distinguished Nanyang Chinese dining experience, by Kai Mayfair, London’s coveted Michelin starred restaurant, has opened at the exclusive Corinthia Yacht Club in Porto Arabia at The Pearl-Island.

Kai’s signature ‘liberated Nanyang’ cooking style has gained global reputation by combining authenticity with culinary ingenuity to create the gastronomical mark that defines the restaurant.

Nanyang refers to China’s Southern Seas, a tropical region blessed with an incredible diversity of spices, cultures, and cooking techniques. The ‘Liberated Chinese Cooking’ experience represents the founders’ vision of being true to their heritage while simultaneously exploring innovative and artistic cooking expressions.

Commenting on the occasion, Founder of Kai Mayfair and Kai’s Songbird, Bernard Yeoh, said: “Since its establishment, Kai Mayfair’s mission was to deliver an unparalleled culinary experience, which is influenced by my fondest childhood memories of cooking back home, and of the delicacies of the Nanyang region.”

“Diversity is what forms the basis of the flavors that we grew up with” Yeoh added, “and essentially what we strive to maintain, but with the creative freedom and knowledge that we are not bound to follow tradition.”

Bernard adds “What’s amazing about the Middle East, particularly Qatar, are the people — from every corner of the globe— that have gathered in Doha, each with their own story to tell, adventure to share, and ‘song’ to sing. Kai’s Songbird is a place where those stories are told – its interior creates an atmosphere and environment reminiscent of a beautiful, ever-evolving piece of music, where each element has its own intrinsic beauty that combines into a glorious symphony of light, color, sound, texture, scent, and flavor”.

Kai’s Songbird menu highlights the heritage of Nanyang’s Chinese flavors and textures, providing a full-sensory experience of the restaurant’s majestic aura. Star items on the menu include the Salmon ‘Heritage Yee Sang’ – salmon with zucchini, deep fried carrots, crispy spring-roll pastry, pomelo, lemon leaf, peanuts, sesame, onion oil plum and peach dressing.

To warm the soul, hot starters include a wide range such as the Wasabi Prawns mixed with mango and basil seeds, the Wagyu Wan-Tan Dumpling – a classic wan-tan dumpling filled with wagyu beef and foie gras served with an intense jus reduction, as well as the Nest of Imperial Jewels – a classic cos lettuce wrap with chopped chicken with oyster sauce as well as the iconic London’s Aromatic Crispy Duck.

Guests can further indulge in the flavors from the South Asian communities of the Asian tropical islands, such as a delicate infusion of turmeric and coconut, or the Japanese Wagyu ‘Grade A-5’ coupled with three types of garlic. The meats section ranges from roast lamb chops marinated with a wet rub of ginger and coriander paste, to a succulent ‘Slow Cooked Short Rib with Bao Buns’ with rich, intense beef jus, ribbons of leek, pickles of cucumber, radish, and carrots, and even the classic Nanyang Chicken and Cashew mixed with dried chilies and ginger.

Fish and shellfish dishes include Whole ‘Cumi Cumi’ Calamari Roasted in Banana Leaf – topped with finely chopped roasted garlic and glazed with a thick, smoky, sweet soy and finished with grated lime zest.

If you’re still convinced that fairy tales don’t exist, you may change your mind when you discover that ‘Chocolate Does Grow on Trees’, especially when they’re made out of a Valrhona chocolate fondant, sesame macaroon ‘caps’, hazelnuts, praline ice-cream, and chestnut paste.

Creative freedom extends beyond the flavorful menu of Kai. It is embedded within the interior design of the restaurant itself, creating an unimaginable visual, audio, and sensory experience that will leave guests charmed, fascinated, and in pure awe.

From the moment they walk in, guests are greeted with a rich yet delicate symphony of a songbird’s tune, mingling with the lingering smell of green apples stacked from floor to ceiling.  Every step moving through a corridor demands one to be nothing but mesmerized, escorted by an open, soul-enriching view of Porto Arabia through the floor-to-ceiling expansive windows.

The end of the corridor breaks into a realm where the glittering Arabian sea meets a mystical and timeless setting inspired by Mayfair’s lush gardens and charming glass conservatories of London, imbued with crystal birds and raindrops hanging from the ceiling, diffracting sunlight into sparkles of color, glistening off the walls. Every glance will have guests enchanted.

With a climate controlled outdoor terrace accompanied by a breathtaking view of the coastal marina and smell of fresh flowers, guests can enjoy the magical offering of Kai’s Songbird independent of seasons or weather.

Matthew Dixon, Managing Director of Corinthia Hotels and Corinthia Yacht Club also said: “We are proud to be home for one of London’s flagships fine-dining restaurants, which is a favorite amongst Qatar’s community.”

“To host KAI’s first international restaurant reflects our commitment in unlocking new horizons of luxury in Qatar and the region. We are bringing only the best of hospitality, service, and dining, and we look forward to welcoming diners to Corinthia Yacht Club to experience the magnificence of Kai’s Songbird”, concluded Mathew Dixon.

Luis Santos, General Manager of KAI’s Songbird commented, “Qatar is known to host some of the most spectacular fine-dining experiences. With the opening of Kai’s Songbird, we are committed to delivering an exceptional level of service that will not only shake Qatar’s gastronomical scene but also provide guests with an astounding experience at one of the most exclusive private clubs in Qatar”. Doha’s Kai’s Songbird is located on the ground floor of Qatar’s most exclusive address, the Corinthia Yacht Club, providing an exceptionally elevated space to experience innovative and artistic gastronomical expressions in a magical setting located on the beautiful waters of The Pearl-Qatar.


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