The collection is named ‘SAHA’ (Blessed)

inspired by the colors and grace of the Middle Eastern world

Middle Eastern Jewelry brand, SAHAR BMD, announced the launch of its new signature collection of jewelry dedicated to the Middle East market and in line with the Eid Al-Fitr celebration.

The collection is called SAHA or ‘Blessed’ heralds SAHAR BMD’s first ever collection for Eid Al-Fitr that intermingles the cultural arrays and blessedness of Middle Eastern’s culture, fashion, traditions, accents and elements. A shining, shimmering and sparkling assemblage of precious metals and stones such as Cubic Zirconia and Copper, all creatively crafted and designed by Middle Eastern designer Sahar Barati.

“The current challenge that we have through these times have actually given me time to think, reflect and burgeon more ideas. It bravely spawns creativity for designers like me to defy the odds and remember the goodness and courage of our humanity and culture” says Sahar Barati “The Middle East has a rich culture and history of fashion tracing from decades ago that reflects its art, generosity, bravery and optimism. The Arab region is truly blessed, not only with rich minerals and resources but moreover with the goodness of its people, who are known to help and support each other, especially in times of crisis.

“We named the collection ‘Saha’ as it is one of the most beautiful Arabic words I have ever known. It is commonly used when a person wants to wish good health or for blessings for a family, a neighbor, a loved one or even to a stranger on the road”

The ‘SAHA’ collection by Sahar BMD is also inspired by the munificence and magnificence of nature flourishing through the vibrancy and energy of the universe. It features grace and glamor in different shapes of flowers, animals and insects which is a true testament on how blessed we are as we are cocooned in the beauty of life.

SAHAR BMD is a free-spirited brand dedicated to empowering women who values elegance, artistry and creativity at the forefront. They are women who are not afraid of changes and transitions whilst upholding the importance of good virtues, compassion and honor.

Retailing at between US$319 and US$349 , the collection is available exclusively on SAHAR BMD online store www.saharbmd.com and her Instagram page www.instagram.com/__saharbmd__/ with free shipping worldwide and within only 5-7 working days after purchase.

Website: www.saharbmd.com


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