Motrafa Abayas

Crafting Timeless Elegance with Innovative Designs and Customer Satisfaction

Motrafa Abayas, a Qatari company, commenced its journey in the year 2020 through electronic marketing before officially launching its operations. The company’s reputation and customer satisfaction have been pivotal in propelling its growth.

What sets Motrafa Abayas apart is its commitment to unique and innovative designs. The company places a strong emphasis on continuous production and evolution, enlisting the expertise of top-tier designers who cater to emotions and refined tastes. Since its inception, Motrafa Abayas has achieved notable success, positioning itself among the leading companies in the Gulf region. This success has further instilled confidence in its clientele, and the company is poised to expand into new areas in accordance with its upcoming plans.

Motrafa Abayas’ overarching goals revolve around a series of ambitious projects aimed at satisfying customers and meeting their diverse desires and tastes. Achieving this is no small feat; it requires meticulous effort, the right tools, and a considerable amount of patience to ensure enduring success. The company remains dedicated to these objectives as it looks toward a promising future.

Photography: Shadira Photography – Model: Iurcu Tinara

Special thanks to: Park Hyatt Doha Hotel


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